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What is Rolf Structural Integration?

Written by Chris Corrales

February 6, 2018

The medical system needs revamping but that won’t happen tomorrow. Today more than ever before, people are willing to pay cash for better treatment and more promising outcomes. Insurance has put its care providers on the hot seat. Patient visits are limited in time and lack client-centered customization, the results are telling.

In this video I talk about what Rolf Structural Integration (RSI) is.


People mistake Structural Integration for a deep tissue massage, it’s not. People think it’s physical therapy, it’s not. People think it’s pain treatment, well, it has helped with that but that’s not quite right. And, no it’s not chiropractic either.

As a body of providers, Rolf Structural Integration practitioners have done a poor job of creating awareness of the modality. Nearly 80 years since it’s inception it is still relatively unknown.  The lack of marketing and awareness of what Structural Integration is and how it’s different has made it ambiguous, which doesn’t help people trying make their best decision, so here I go.

When you think of RSI think of the whole person and imagine better alignment.

Start with posture and balance, then, maybe add to that deeper things that you may not have thought of right off the bat. When you stretch your imagination you might think of things such as . . . increased confidence, self-empowerment, less fear or anxiety, less pain, relief of headaches/migraines, sciatic pain, numbness, digestive issues, etc. as a result of better alignment of the whole body.

It is less about working on symptoms and more about supporting the whole person. When patterns, habits, and limitations change symptoms may change.

Rolf Structural Integration is hands-on education that can increase bodily awareness and proprioception. RSI practitioners facilitate the process of changing habits, patterns, and limiting beliefs. Clients love the work because they see and feel positive change.





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