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No Injury – Just Excruciating Pain? Rolf Structural Integration Can Help

Written by MedicinEvolution

August 11, 2016

Are you perplexed by pain because you weren’t injured? You’ve had tests and your doctor says everything’s ok. But, you know it’s not ok. You should be fine because there was no accident or cause, yet pain is now plaguing your life.

Bam! Without the Wham.

Your next train of thought says it must be a chronic issue; maybe it’s a repetitive stress injury? But again, the puzzle piece doesn’t seem to fit because it’s not related to your everyday work activities. How could it be a repetitive use injury when it’s such an unusual pain? Even worse, you regularly workout and have been moving (which the experts say is one of the most effective pain treatments) so why are you in pain?

What gives?

Is there anyone that can help this mystery pain?

Now is the time to see a Rolf Structural Integration practitioner to treat your mystery pain. But wait? What is an RSI practitioner and how can they help? How is Rolf Structural Integration different than chiropractic soft tissue techniques such as ART, or deep tissue massage, or Myofascial Release?

Rolf Structural Integration Is Different?

I get it, gnawing pain or excruciating pain, or ANY kind of pain that doesn’t have a clear causation can be REALLY frustrating. I was there. Between my personal pain issues and over 2 decades of professional experience, I’ve realized that more people are plagued by pain from normal living than from traumatic injuries. Since I was first treated, I’ve developed a real respect for the overlooked undercurrents in the body, that when left unaddressed, create just as much havoc as a major injury alone.

After nearly 2 decades of practice

What was once perplexing is now profound

That’s the beauty of body work like this, it is based in a deeper understanding that is ultimately


Regularly my clients tell me that in our work together they receive more value in my treatment process than in many therapies they’ve had in the past. How is it different? Three fundamental elements stand out. The key to those elements is that I focus on empowering my clients with knowledge that carries into their everyday lives, and am not fixated on a spot of pain. I look deeper for the cause, rather than just treating transitory symptoms. This perspective leaves people teeming with information, tools, and a therapy that is second to none. RSI is a powerful and empowering process.

The 3 Elements of Rolf Structural Integration

1. The basic infrastructure to success is understanding the cause. Dr. Rolf told her students that they shouldn’t consider themselves therapists as much as they should educators. The desire for knowledge and theory being a strong focus has always given RSI clients a unique sense of illumination. Education is always changing as new information pops up and it challenges practitioners themselves to grow and remain current.

2. From the time of the basic training program, RSI practitioners are taught that movement is a way to repattern function and structure. There are movement exercises that are unique to RSI and some practitioners have invested extra time to study complementary movement methods to enhance client self-agency and relieve chronic patterns held by the brain and body.

3. Practitioners and prospects who haven’t received a 10-session series of RSI generally have a misunderstanding of the work. Often it’s lumped together with massage, cranial-sacral, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, etc. but it stands alone. Rather than being like any single method, RSI is theory that fosters cohesion to numerous modalities. Rolf Structural Integration is not a mono-method of techniques, it is a principle and goal-oriented method based on improving structure and function. Practitioners spend long hours developing their manual listening skills to apply the most precise technique the body calls for in the moment. The main difference is not simply in the manual work, but in the physical tangible results that clients receive. Structural and functional changes are well proven in photo and video documentation.

Rolf Structural Integration is effective in helping:

  • Posture improvement
  • Low back pain
  • Neck/Shoulder pain
  • Numbness in hands and arms
  • Sciatic pain
  • Femoral impingement
  • Knee pain
  • Foot pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Headaches
  • Injuries and motor vehicle accidents
  • Acute injuries
  • Stubborn chronic pains

Success stories are told by clients and practitioners who stand by the work. It’s one of those modalities that is called, “life changing.” Looking for actual case studies? Read our testimonials on Yelp to see how MedicinEvolution has helped clients.

MedicinEvolution Inc.

Dublin’s MedicinEvolution is the only practice in the Tri-Valley that provides classical Rolf Structural Integration. With 18 years of experience Chris Corrales is confident in what RSI can do even in the most stubborn cases. Keep an open mind to RSI. Your brain’s brilliance translates into your body’s resilience. Contact Chris at or text or call today for your complimentary client-centered consultation 925.922.2246

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