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Movement Matters

Written by Chris Corrales

March 5, 2018

Movement is Mainstream Now and it’s Empowering, but . . .

Pain is still an epidemic.


It’s time to move forward another step into the next realm of benefits that movement is naturally offering us.

I’ve been wrestling and doing Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for 24 years on and off.

In that time I’ve felt like I was Born –> Lived –> Died –> Resurrected

General movement isn’t enough, we need better movement.


If you’re exercising or getting some form of general movement but you’re still having some issues there’s a good likelihood that there there’s some stillness within, some place you’re just not moving enough.

Quality movement can change pain because changing the body is the quickest way to changing the brain.

I say it all the time, ” Pain is an interpretation of what’s going on in the body by the brain.” So with structural shifts in your body, structural shifts actually happen in your brain.

Movement is a three tiered tool.

  1. A way to stay physically/mentally fit, able, and efficient.
  2. A social connection to community.
  3. A way to get into the driver’s seat of your body and create it rather than being an observer and letting life create it.


Our bodies are everything. They either become a source of empowerment or disempowerment. But our bodies are the only thing we have. We’re taught to focus on everything outside of ourselves, and then the inside calls out.

Let’s Celebrate Empowerment in 2018!

What’s New?

Prizes for Personal Empowerment

Looking through some old client (written and video) testimonials EMPOWERMENT is the one word or idea that consistently came through. That’s huge for me because it’s my goal and it’s what makes me different, but I don’t necessarily always say that explicitly.

So, for those who really try for change, I’ve decided to give a gift once a month to the client who takes and embodies the ideas of Empowerment we discuss and create in our sessions.

February’s winner is . . .

Kate R.! She gets the book The Guide to Better Movement by my colleague Todd Hargrove.

Kate is a nurse. Nurses are known for getting hurt on the job even after taking classes on lifting, etc. We created a Statement of Empowerment for her that kept her focused on what she personally needed to do to stay more connected in various aspects of life. And her new found degree of movement has given her ways more than the formal “ergonomic” type of classes ever touched on. But it didn’t only stop here. Her connection to her husband and kids changed. What really changed was her connection to herself!

And that’s the answer, the epidemic is because as a society we’ve lost touch with ourselves.

Mark Twain said, Whenever you find yourself on the side of the masses, it’s time to pause and reflect.

After attending the San Diego Pain Summit last month I realized, yet again, that the old model of healthcare practitioner or therapist as “fixer” is so 1990’s, but practitioners are STILL using that model. I get it, education is difficult, empowering others is a skill. So just keep people ignorant and dependent.

Not at MedicinEvolution.

Looking forward to your journey and how you create a new and empowered life of wholeness through MedicinEvolution. If you have questions, comments, ideas of what I can do better, or want to share your experience, please, contact me. I love those conversations!

Please share the website and blog and facebook page with your friends and family who you think want to move to a new place in life. I love to do this work, it satisfies me deeply! I hope that this was helpful for you. Until next month, tudaloo!

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