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So You’re Skeptical . . .

Written by Chris Corrales

November 19, 2019

Despite overwhelmingly positive online reviews people are still skeptical of us and that’s understandable. We did some research and here were the top three reasons:

  1. The degree of pain (Fear).
  2. “I’ve never heard of Rolf Structural Integration.” (Known therapy or Reputation)
  3. Cost (Am I wasting my money)

These three issues can be summed up in one word – society. Unless you’re an early adopter, an explorer, someone interested in what’s new or next, then you generally go with the flow of what others do. Obviously this has its pros and cons. In terms of pain guess the odds of following the masses!? Something like 90:10. Haha, those are crazy odds. Here are the drivers of why we’d choose the 10 over the 90.

We talk a lot about pain, because that’s what we do. Well, in the last +20 years science has 100٪ changed our understanding of pain. So, as a society we’re working from an outdated model of pain, but when an episode strikes outdated or updated we digress to the first default we had. Mainly because it “feels right” (even though it’s actually wrong).

For instance, my son was riding on my back in the kitchen. He picked up a plastic measuring cup from the counter and dropped it, right into my foot! My reaction brain kicked in and I yelped from excruciating pain. When I looked down there was no damage. The most primary thing the brain is made to do is keep us safe. So when I confirmed visually that my foot was fine the pain strangely but immediately went away.

So when back pain strikes (especially when it seems unbearable) we resort to what we were told by (medical) authorities. Things like, “Don’t move you could make things worse,” “I’ve got a slipped/herniated/ruptured/torn disc,” “It’s so bad I think I need surgery,” “I can’t live with this pain, I need medications.” You’ve heard these before, I’m here to tell you 3 things say we’re wrong. Our personal experience, clinical experience, and science all say, those are outdated responses that don’t solve issues, but more often than not make matters worse.

The degree of pain we feel increases our fear, and believe it or not the degree of fear we hold affects the degree of pain we feel. That’s science folks. It’s well documented, fear and anxiety increase our pain experience.

At MedicinEvolution our main modality is Rolf Structural Integration and if you’ve got intense symptoms going on you might skip over it as an effective option because you’ve never heard of it. When you Google it it’s reputation is painful and you’re trying to get out of pain not create more. But your thinking brain is like, wait who would pay for pain. But it’s not popular on the social thermometer, so you blow it off. But hey, it’s been on Oprah with Dr. Oz, NFL, San Jose Merc, etc. No, it’s not mainstream, there’s no university degrees, it’s not heroic like surgeries, so you put it off, or worse yet, you can’t even find it on the web. It’s buried under the avalanche of other therapies.

The World Health Organization knows that medical systems globally are not ready to live up to science. If it did, not only hospitals but universities, technologies, etc. would collapse and be replaced by much simpler, cost-effective, non-invasive, non- drug therapies.

Ok, so you’re not the type who tries new things. Well, I’ve seen a lot of drug addicts and post-surgery patients whose lives have changed for the negative. From Structural Integration I’ve only seen lives change for the positive. Sounds like 90:10, right!

The last hurdle is cost. We’re not cheap, but we are a lot cheaper than the costs, time, worry, lifestyle changes, etc. that hardly work and send people into our office at the end of the day anyway.

Read our reviews, call or text us, or schedule a $100 trial session when you can listen and feel how we work and why we get the results we do. Become another one of our success stories.

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