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Quail Run Elementary

Written by Chris Corrales

September 28, 2021

Quail Run Elementary is the home of Explorers! It’s one of San Ramon Valley Unified School District’s newest elementary schools located in the beautiful Gale Ranch community of Dougherty Valley. The school opened its doors in August 2006 with a brand new facility that will provide an excellent learning experience. 

Quail Run Elementary is a pre-K through fifth-grade school housing approximately 1000 students. As the community grows around them, they have the space to accommodate up to 1100 more. 

At Quail Run, 83% of their students scored at or above proficient level math and 84 percent reading levels; these numbers show how much work the teachers are doing to ensure every child has an equal chance for success. 

  • Provides a safe environment for children
  • Gives every child the opportunity to succeed
  • A school that has been nationally recognized as an exemplary learning institution
  • Proudly serving the community for over 40 years

The student population includes 51% female students as well as 49%, which you’ll notice makes it more even-handed than many schools in this day and age when there are so few male teachers out there. There’s also 7% economically disadvantaged kids on campus.

  • Great community, with a diverse student population
  • A calming environment for kids who need support
  • Lots of good teachers and great resources, from technology to extracurricular programs
  • Supportive learning environments make it an optimal school

The School’s Mission

The school’s mission is to meet the needs of every student so that they may reach their greatest potential.  Through differentiated instruction, they provide a rigorous academic program that includes five special day classes throughout Dougherty Valley as well; their model Special Education Program ensures students receive individual attention in addition to regular classroom settings.

More about the School

Quail Run Elementary is a school that houses a differentiated curriculum and rigorous philosophy of standards-based instruction for all learners. Their special needs student program offers an inclusive learning environment where they can thrive. Five special day classes on campus serve the needs of those who have been identified as needing more one-on-one attention than what is typically afforded in regular school. 

  • One of the only schools in the area that can provide differently learning environments for all learners
  • Educators who specialize in teaching, not babysitting
  • A positive community where students thrive and learn
  • Friendly administration with very little turnover

Quail Run Elementary is a school where the kids can succeed in every subject. The school has an intervention model called Response to Intervention which provides opportunities for each student to excel at their academic level. They also have GATE program extensions throughout all subjects like math olympiad or destination imagination that help give students more ideas on what activities would best suit them academically as well as socially and emotionally.

  • The best academic support for all ages
  • Flexible intervention models meet student needs to succeed academically
  • GATE program extensions promote creativity and curiosity in every subject

Quail Run elementary is committed to developing lifelong learners and providing a nurturing environment for all of its students. The staff works closely together to provide academic excellence while also building personal growth through collaboration among teachers, families/guardians, principal offices as well as the community at large.

One of the best in the State

Quail Run Elementary is an amazing school, with the best teachers and a level of academic excellence that can only be matched by its diversity. The 5th graders all get iPads for their year which makes learning so much more engaging! 

The school has a welcoming environment for parents and students. They make communication between parents/students a welcoming, easy-going environment that just feels like home for everyone involved.

School Facilities

Quail Run Elementary is an innovative school that has incorporated technology into its curriculum to create a more interactive learning environment. 

It is the first school in their district to offer a 1:1 laptop program for all fifth graders so that they can go deeply into the curriculum at an increased level of understanding.

  • The first school in your district to offer a 1:1 laptop program
  • Creates an interactive and innovative learning environment
  • Provides students with the best tools for success 
  • Supports student growth through technology

The teachers have implemented several new technologies, like document cameras and Promethean boards, which help them teach more effectively while enhancing student learning outcomes. The school also offers students tablets, iPads, and FLIP video cameras for use throughout the day in all classrooms.

In addition, the school houses the cutting edge Classroom 2.0 technology classroom, which allows colleagues from other schools to visit and observe 21st Century Learning in action.

  • Teacher happiness and enjoyment with the technology
  • Novel and creative use of technology to enhance learning
  • Increased student engagement and motivation
  • Introduce cutting edge methods in classrooms

Quail Run Elementary is a school where children are encouraged to be responsible, compassionate learners. They have an excellent staff that strives for academic excellence in every area of their curriculum and fosters social responsibility through hands-on projects. The students thrive in the safe environment created by this community which collaborates on everything from field trips to raising funds for new equipment. If you’re looking for a great elementary school near your neighborhood, check out what they have going on at Quail Run!

San Ramon, California is blessed to have some of California’s top elementary schools.  Here’s a short list of some of our favorites:

  • Live Oak Elementary
  • Hidden Hills Elementary
  • Bollinger Canyon Elementary
  • Golden View Elementary
  • Coyote Creek Elementary
  • Neil A. Armstrong Elementary
  • Country Club Elementary
  • Walt Disney Elementary

All of these wonderful schools are located just a short distance from our location, MedicinEvolution – Bodywork Beyond Massage, at 4 Crow Canyon Court, Suite 150!

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