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Coyote Creek Elementary

Written by Chris Corrales

September 28, 2021

8700 N Gale Ridge Rd, San Ramon, CA 94582

Coyote Creek School opened in August 2000, the first developer-built school to be located in San Ramon’s Dougherty Valley. The School is a small, suburban school that serves the neighboring population in Gale Ranch Division. It’s surrounded by rolling hills and includes beautiful views of ranch land as well.

The School offers a high-quality education to all students, with an emphasis on tradition and excellence. The school ensures that the program it provides meets or exceeds expectations so parents can be confident in their child’s future success.

Coyote Creek School is a school where students are challenged to be the best that they can be. They’re supported in this goal by an engaged staff that believes “all children are our children”. 


One of the best in San Ramon Valley Unified

In recent years, Coyote Creek School has been named one of the best elementary schools in San Ramon Valley Unified. They were awarded two Golden Level Awards for superior performance and leadership development from California’s Department of Education.

  • State recognized with two Golden Level Awards
  • One of the highest-rated elementary schools in San Ramon Valley Unified 
  • Award-winning teachers for all grade levels
  • Dedicated to the community and providing an enriching learning experience

PTA Community

Coyote Creek School’s PTA is a shining example of community spirit. They have sponsored numerous family events, including the Welcome Back Social and Bingo Night for parents to come together in celebration with one another. And their International Fair was so successful that it attracted people from all over town.

The parent community shares this commitment as well, with PTA and other organizations like Coyote Learning Fund both actively involved with supporting what’s happening inside classrooms every day.

The Coyote Creek Learning Foundation 

The foundation is dedicated to enhancing the educational experience of students and staff at our school. This means that they work hard on fundraising efforts like an annual registration drive, Spring Auction, Fun Run, or Spell-a-thon. 

Through financial support and volunteer time on committees or in-service roles with professional services, we have been able to provide more resources for teaching that will benefit their children’s education. Parental support also has funded positions like curriculum support teacher, literacy coach computer instructor library coordinator music appreciation instructor for grades K-5 classroom paraeducators.

  • Enriched education for students 
  • Provides more resources in the classroom for student learning 
  • Parental involvement is important, fundraising helps with grants and financial support 
  • Providing educational enrichment opportunities to teachers leads to a better learning experience for all

Coyote Creek Mission Statement

Coyote Creek School is a school that provides innovative education for children in their formative years. The staff and community of Coyote Creek are dedicated to nurturing every child’s unique learning style, as well as their intellectual potential by challenging them with encouragement from others while providing safety within an environment where they can develop skills needed throughout life such as creativity or leadership qualities through shared responsibilities among peers who care about each another’s success equally.

  • Get a personalized education experience designed to make every kid thrive
  • Become more innovative thinkers and leaders through hands-on learning 
  • Develop friends that are your future peers in life 
  • Bring out the best of who you are, leading to happier student-life

Coyote Creek Vision

The Coyote Creek School is committed to preparing students for the future by offering a safe and engaging environment that challenges them emotionally. With an academically rigorous curriculum, they will develop lifelong learners who can meet changes as society becomes ever-more diverse in the needs of tomorrow’s leaders.

  • Develop limitless potential in an inclusive, challenging environment
  • Create a stronger learner with an academically rigorous curriculum
  • Be challenged intellectually and emotionally 
  • Prepare your children for the ever-changing future

The Coyote Creek School is committed to

Coyote Creek School is a school that prioritizes doing what’s best for its students. They believe in creating an environment of support and encouragement, where children can be themselves without fear or judgment from others’ opinions

The school is committed to providing a quality education for all students. All learners will be coached and led to reach their full potential through personalized instruction, arts programs that allow them creative expression, or sportsmanship skills they can use throughout life. Building stronger relationships with the people in our community. They work together as a professional learning community and embrace differing perspectives from diverse backgrounds so that they can strive for success.

  • School that focuses on the individual
  • Build stronger relationships with community members 
  • Stress-free environment for students to be themselves 
  • Dedicated teachers who care about achieving goals set

If you’re looking for high-quality education and want to know your child will be prepared to live in the world of tomorrow, Coyote Creek School is an excellent choice. With an engaged staff that believes “all children are our children” and parents who share this commitment, they can help you ensure success for your child’s future. To learn more about what makes us such a great option for your child to achieve success at Coyote Creek, visit their website today!

San Ramon, California is blessed to have some of California’s top elementary schools.  Here’s a short list of some of our favorites:

  • Live Oak Elementary
  • Hidden Hills Elementary
  • Bollinger Canyon Elementary
  • Golden View Elementary
  • Quail Run Elementary
  • Neil A. Armstrong Elementary
  • Country Club Elementary
  • Walt Disney Elementary

All of these wonderful schools are located just a short distance from our location, MedicinEvolution – Bodywork Beyond Massage, at 4 Crow Canyon Court, Suite 150!

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