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Neil A. Armstrong Elementary

Written by Chris Corrales

September 28, 2021

2849 Calais Dr, San Ramon, CA 94583


Neil Armstrong School is a school in San Ramon that offers the area south of Montevideo Drive and southeast to Interstate 680. The school opened in the fall of 1969 and was named after America’s first astronaut to walk on earth’s moon, Neil Armstrong. The school housed 535 students with 22 percent representing culturally diverse backgrounds when it first opened its doors for business over 40 years ago.

About the School

The Neil Armstrong school was honored as a California Distinguished in 2002 and they received national recognition for academic excellence. These two successes are an outcome of the entire community coming together to create successful programs, which promote student achievement while also creating a safe space where students can learn without fear or judgment.” The is a small but mighty school with 570 students and 26 classrooms. The newest wing of 6 new rooms was built in 2000, providing space for music lessons and P.E.’s office as well as the kitchen where they can hold assemblies or events. 

  • Provide a safe environment that promotes learning
  • Developmentally appropriate – Creative, rigorous curriculum
  • Competitive salaries for candidates who are passionate about education
  • Innovative work culture with caring staff and community

School Facilities and Computer Resources

Neil Armstrong School has undergone a great transformation since 2003. The school began its modernizations in the fall and was completed for this year’s academics by mid-2004, just before what would have been Neil Armstrong’s 100th birthday on August 5th of that same year. The school is a three-story building that includes 34 computer stations, two science labs, and an advanced self-contained library. Classrooms are located in hallways for easy access by teachers or students who need assistance with their studies without interrupting the rest of those around them.

  • Efficient and cost-effective
  • Transformed the school into a modern educational facility
  • Sustainable design, environmentally friendly
  • Improved resource efficiency
  • The school has 34 computer stations
  • Two science labs for STEM purposes
  • Advanced self-contained library with books and computers. 

There is a special education complex that houses the school psychologist, speech therapist, and resource specialist who will coordinate their learning lab program. The school’s Reading Room will house the reading specialist and Bear Club tutor, making it easier than ever for kids in grades K-5 to improve their skills. 

Mission and Vision Statements

  • School’s Mission Statement

The Neil Armstrong School’s mission is to promote life-long learning. They want students, parents, and community members involved in this goal by facilitating academic performance as well as individual growth through encouragement of independent work that encourages critical thinking skills within each person who adheres themselves with these values throughout their school experience at Neil A. Armstrong Elementary.

    • Academic performance
    • Individual growth
    • Independent and cooperative work
    • Critical thinking
    • Responsibility
    • Creativity
    • Leadership
    • Citizenship
    • Sportsmanship

  • School’s Vision Statement

Neil Armstrong Elementary’s vision is to help students, staff, and parents all work together collaboratively so that they can succeed academically. The school strives for an environment where everyone feels safe while fostering responsible behaviors among youth by encouraging them as lifelong learners who will be able to meet future challenges no matter what country they live in or their race might be at any given time

A great example of this type of writing would come from Neil Armstrong himself: “We are committed not only to providing our kids with an excellent education but also helping them grow into productive adults.”

Neil Armstrong Elementary is a public school that focuses on providing an environment where every child can succeed. The community of the school is committed to creating this safe and nurturing place for children, with strong partnerships from teachers and parents. Visit their website today to learn more about how they are making sure every student has what they need at all times.

San Ramon, California is blessed to have some of California’s top elementary schools.  Here’s a short list of some of our favorites:

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  • Walt Disney Elementary

All of these wonderful schools are located just a short distance from our location, MedicinEvolution – Bodywork Beyond Massage, at 4 Crow Canyon Court, Suite 150!

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