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Golden View Elementary

Written by Chris Corrales

September 28, 2021

5025 Canyon Crest Dr, San Ramon, CA 94582


Golden View Elementary School was built in 1989 and is located east of Interstate 680. Currently, there are twenty-eight TK through 5th-grade classes for more than 680 students.

Golden View Elementary School is a place where the children feel cared for and safe. The school was freshly repainted in 2006, with colorful planters from our PTA adding even more color to this welcoming environment! It also has an attached playground just outside of it that makes going on field trips easier than ever before as well as next-door access at Goldenview Park which provides plenty of space for playing games or taking full advantage of its lush green hillsides. A daycare center called “The Growing Room” resides on campus too-so they’re always taken care of while mommy or daddies get some much-needed time alone together.

  • A safe, inclusive environment
  • A beautiful, colorful playground that’s next door
  • Cutting edge teaching practices
  • Encourages a caring atmosphere
  • Promotes safety and security for the children
  • Offers plenty of space for fun outdoor activities
  • Maintain a healthy, good balance of work/life

Golden View Elementary is a welcoming school where the minority population of students has 64% representation. The teacher-to-student ratio here at 23:1 makes it better than average for districts around them, and there are plenty more female enrollees (48%) than male ones (52%). The school enrolls 6% of its students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. There are 29 equivalent full-time teachers, and they’re committed to providing an excellent education for every student in their care.

  • A safe and welcoming environment that respects diversity
  • An excellent teaching staff with a low student-teacher ratio
  • High numbers of female students present at the school
  • Students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds are accepted, evaluated, and encouraged

In today’s world, students need to be well-rounded in their education. Golden View is committed to providing a 21st Century education. Their classrooms are equipped with digital teaching stations, 1:1 Chromebooks in all 3rd through 5th-grade classrooms and multiple roaming carts of iPads for lower grades as well. Alongside these modern learning resources, they also have an extensive library containing books from around the world that can enrich students’ minds while highlighting diversity among other cultures; it’s truly beneficial both now and into future generations when you support Golden view schools.

  • A place for kids to learn, grow, and succeed
  • 21st Century education plan built on technology with digital teaching stations
  • Interactive lessons with iPads and Chromebooks in all classrooms 
  • Support diversity through our extensive library containing books from around the world.

School beyond incredible

 The teachers and administrators provide a wide range of services to students. They have partnered up with other schools to provide speech therapy, general education help, and more! The teachers care about each student’s progress so much they’re always on hand if something ever goes wrong or you need advice regarding your child’s learning process at home – Golden view staff will be happy to give it to them. The PTA at Golden View Elementary School is always bustling with activity. They have so many events and activities for everyone in the district to enjoy!

School Facilities

Golden View Elementary School is an architecturally forward school that features a multi-use room with a sound system and stage, science lab, library/media center. The classrooms are designed for maximum student interaction in creative play areas like our beautifully manicured field where students can create their own stories through climbing structures.

School Safety

Golden View Elementary is committed to the safety of students and staff. The school has in place a Safe School Plan that ensures compliance with all laws, rules/ regulations about hazardous materials as well as state earthquake standards.

The Parent Volunteers are required to attend training before working in the classroom. All cleared parent volunteers receive an identification card that they must show up to office staff for prior permission on campus.”

If you are looking for an educational institution that is committed to excellence, while also ensuring their students develop the life skills needed to be happy and productive adults in today’s world, then Golden View Elementary should be your first stop. They offer a 21st-century education with dedicated staff who go above and beyond to ensure each student succeeds. Visit their website to learn more about how they can help your child succeed!

San Ramon, California is blessed to have some of California’s top elementary schools.  Here’s a short list of some of our favorites:

  • Live Oak Elementary
  • Hidden Hills Elementary
  • Bollinger Canyon Elementary
  • Coyote Creek Elementary
  • Quail Run Elementary
  • Neil A. Armstrong Elementary
  • Country Club Elementary
  • Walt Disney Elementary

All of these wonderful schools are located just a short distance from our location, MedicinEvolution – Bodywork Beyond Massage, at 4 Crow Canyon Court, Suite 150!

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