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5 Questions to Ask Before Your First Bodywork Appointment

Written by Chris Corrales

December 20, 2021

Do you have chronic pain that just won’t go away? Are you looking for ways to get relief? If so, then bodywork might be the answer. Bodywork is a type of therapy that treats both the mind and the body by using hands-on techniques such as massage, manipulation of joints, acupressure, and other types of physical contact. But before you go in for your first appointment with a therapist or masseuse there are some questions that you should ask yourself to make sure that this is really what will help heal your pain.

  1. Have you been to a massage therapist before? it tells you whether this is the first time they’re attempting to do something about their condition, or whether there’s a history of practice that has or hasn’t worked before. This can cut your consultation time down significantly and allow you to find the best course of action quickly and efficiently. If they know techniques that have worked (or techniques that have failed to work) you can use your own expertise to determine where to progress from there.
  2. How are you affected by this injury?  Find out what outcomes they want to see after your sessions once you know their daily routine and condition. People usually come to massage therapists later in the process rather than preventatively or as soon as possible, so you may be assisting individuals who are already experiencing a lot of disruption in their daily routine from a common ailment.
  3. Do you have any other conditions? This is an interesting question, but keep in mind that your customer isn’t required to respond. Look for any complicating factors or anything else that might put them at risk through specific methods.
  4. Are you taking any medications that may be a contraindication to massage? It’s vital to know whether your client is taking any medications that may affect their massage experience, or alter the type of massage that is appropriate for their needs. This includes medications such as anticoagulant medications (or a blood thinner)
  5. Do you know about the process of massage therapy? Tell them how much you understand about the treatment you’re going to perform on them. Explain what makes your process different if they’ve been to a massage therapist before. If not, explain the fundamentals of how what you’ll be doing will benefit them as an individual. What to Expect at Your First Massage Therapy Appointment

What to Expect at Your First Massage Therapy Appointment

Massage therapists are not just for people who are in pain. They can also be used as preventative care by visiting regularly. There is even evidence that shows regular massages can reduce stress levels and improve sleep quality. We think it’s time we talked more openly about these benefits because there is no downside! Every visit should be seen as an opportunity to learn something new about our bodies and give us another great reason to take care of ourselves.

What to do before a Massage to Have the Best Experience?

Avoid Drinking Alcohol: While a few glasses of wine followed by a massage may appear to be the ideal way to unwind after a stressful week, the two don’t mix well. Whether you realize it or not, having alcohol in your system dulls your senses. As a result, you might be out of touch with your body and deprive yourself of fully enjoying your massage.

Take a Warm Shower: Taking a shower with warm water will assist your muscles to loosen up and put you in a calm mood before the session begins. Not to mention, it is courteous of you to arrive for your appointment clean and fresh.

Let your Stress go First: When someone tells you to “just relax,” they’re just wasting their breath. However, try your hardest to release your stress and anxiety for a few minutes before going for your massage treatment.

Don’t be discouraged by traffic on the way to the massage studio, worry about work deadlines that aren’t far off—don’t think about anything else other than how wonderful you’re going to feel.

Is it the feeling of relaxation and stress relief that you get when the masseuse works out all those kinks in your muscles? Maybe you love how they help to work on specific areas where tension has been building up. Or maybe, like many other people, you enjoy being able to ease into conversations with someone who’s not going to judge or make assumptions about what’s wrong with you. Whatever floats your boat may be different from others, but there are some questions every first-time bodywork client should ask before their appointment Feel free to take note of these five important queries below for future reference.

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