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What Is The Best Gift You Can Give A Jiu-jitsu Player? [Sports Massage!]


When is the best time to give a gift? Anytime! But, if you are looking for an idea of what might be the perfect present for your Jiu-jitsu player friend or family member, then keep reading.

There are many gifts that can be given to someone who practices Jiu-jitsu. Some people may think it’s just a hobby but others know that it is not only an art form but also provides health benefits. With all of these benefits, there are many great gifts one can give their loved one who practices this sport.

Here are some gift ideas you can consider:


1) Sports Massage

Treat your loved one to a massage gift voucher. Sports massage can be used by many for pain relief, injury assessment, or relaxation.

Professional sports massage therapists help athletes prepare for an event by providing their bodies with a relaxing, soothing session of muscle-loosening massages. The right amount of preparation can mean the difference between winning and losing, so many professional players schedule sessions before they compete to ensure that everything goes smoothly on game day.

2) Training Gear

One of everyone’s best jiu-jitsu gift lists is training gear. In other words, you can never go wrong when buying your favorite grappler a brand new gi. There are countless options out there that vary in color and weight to make everyone happy. 

But what if they prefer no-gi? Another great idea would be rashguards or two! Everyone needs at least one for both types of grappling regardless if they train with or without a kimono on — add spats while you’re at it to complete the ensemble too.

3) Jiu-jitsu Camp

A Jiu Jitsu camp, or “traincation” is the perfect blend of training and vacation. It’s also arguably the best gift anyone could give an athlete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ).

Jiu-jitsu camps are special; they’re not just vacations because even though most participants go there to relax for a few days, it won’t be like that if you participate with your friends. You might find yourself sleeping less than usual and waking up earlier so as to get enough time practicing BJJ. Also, If this happens then please prioritize learning moves overeating food since one wrong move can lead you into real pain!

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4) Foam Rollers

Jiu Jitsu training can be incredibly tough on the body, but recovery is just as important. The toll it takes on your muscles becomes apparent to anyone who trains Jiu Jitsu and while there are different ways of recovering from injuries, foam rollers have been proven effective in this aspect. There are a wide variety of options when buying one so make sure you do some research before purchasing anything!

5) Event Tickets

It’s almost as if we all have a chance to watch the biggest stars of grappling compete at some point in our life. There are always pro-grappling tournaments being hosted around the world, and each one features several big names. For example, you can treat your favorite grappler(s) to an event near you by purchasing tickets on their website or from other third party vendors like StubHub; they even offer discounts for large orders! If your fighter is into MMA instead (or both), look out for UFC Fight Nights—they host events worldwide too!

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