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5 Ways Sports Massage Can Help Jiu-jitsu Players

Jiu-jitsu is a demanding sport. It requires intense training, agility, and coordination. If you’re not careful, it can take a toll on your body while providing little time for recovery. Massage therapy provides athletes with an opportunity to reduce muscle tension and soreness while improving range of motion and circulation.

Here are 5 ways sports massage can help Jiu-jitsu players:

1) Helps Muscle-Tendon Junctions

A study published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning found that a single 30-second sports massage on the hip flexors improved range of motion. As little as one minute is enough to enhance performance after just 8 weeks, according to another research article from 2014 for International Society of Sports Nutrition.

2) Increased Blood Flow

Massages are not just about relaxation. Athletes benefit from sports massages because they promote circulation by dilating blood vessels, which helps bring more oxygen and other essential nutrients to muscles as well as removing toxins that can cause inflammation in the body’s tissues.

A light, stimulating massage can get the blood flowing in your muscles faster than you could ever hope for. This means more oxygen and nutrients to power through any athletic performance with unlimited energy as it breaks up lactic acid that causes stiffness caused by tightness of muscles restricting blood flow.

3) Get a Good Stretch

In contrast to traditional stretching, massage stretches deep muscle tissue in all directions. This releases tension and pressure that you would not otherwise be able to reach on your own.

The stretching of the fascia can make you more flexible, reduce muscle pain and even encourage muscle growth. Athletes should use sports massage to get ready for their game because it will prepare them physically and mentally to perform at a high level.

4) Reduces Pain

Sports are often synonymous with pain. Almost every athlete has had to deal with some sort of injury or ache at one point in their life, whether it’s just a little nagging soreness that won’t go away or something more severe like breaking your leg during an accident. However, the good news is that you don’t have to suffer through all this alone! There are lots of different ways for athletes and regular people alike can ease muscle tension and cramping: from foam rolling (massaging muscles) before exercise as well as post-workout stretching; acupuncture which releases endorphins into the brain; massage therapy also helps decrease stiffness by releasing those same feel-good chemicals.

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5) Helps Eliminate Lactic Acid

Massage helps rid the body of lactic and carbonic acid buildup. When we exercise, our muscles produce Lactic Acid as a by-product from using glycogen to create energy which leads to irritation within the muscle tissue causing them discomfort. Improved circulation through massage allows for this build up in these acids allowing us to feel refreshed after exercising rather than sore! Additionally, drinking plenty of water following your workout will help flush out any remaining acidic wastes that could be lingering about in the tissues or blood stream if not taken care of properly via massaging and hydrating yourself immediately afterwards.

Massage is shown effective at removing lactic acid from one’s skeletal muscles during strenuous activity such as weight lifting or running because it reduces pain experienced due to increased blood flow to the area.

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