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Frederiksen Elementary School

7243 Tamarack Dr, Dublin, CA 94568, United States

Frederiksen Elementary School is a public school that is part of the Dublin Unified School District that runs nine schools with a total of over 5,200 students enrolled. The school has a workforce of over 35 full-time licensed teachers and paraprofessionals, including speech pathologists, teaching assistants, counselors, fine arts and band teachers, and instructors in health and physical education.

Frederiksen Elementary School operates a parent-faculty program that offers support and assistance to the school through the coordination of numerous fundraising events and programs, as well as providing students with scholarships.

It also offers services such as food, health care, and transport. Frederiksen Elementary School, nestled in Dublin, California, serves approximately 500 children in kindergarten through grade 5 and a 17:1 student/teacher ratio. Frederiksen Elementary School currently rates 8.4 out of 10. The ranking is based on the success of the students on standardized state assessments relative to other California schools.

There is a certain variety, possibly representative of Dublin. Should be more team diversity but it’s a strong community of teachers and administrators so no complaints regarding that.

Security is genuinely good. They have processes in place and should there be any problems they contact parents immediately. There was a police operation outside one of the schools and the parents were immediately informed because the campus was not involved in the operation.

The school’s mission is to improve the educational experience of the child by strengthening the community by active engagement for the enrichment of teachers and students and by encouraging fundraising to help and enhance educational and social programs.

The principal is clearly visible at every activity and during the day. In the last school year, the test scores increased. The PFC is involved and is working hard to offer the students high-quality activities. Security was improved, and new steps were put in place. The school has conducted drills to tackle a potential individual / unwanted shooter and teachers know the standards.

The teachers are fantastic, the parents are very supportive and polite and the curriculum at EDCC is fantastic too. This school features a close-vibe. Frederiksen Elementary is among Alameda county’s most well-balanced public schools. Because class sizes are low, all students will receive one-on-one help from the teachers. Most significantly, schooling is taught at all levels and does not really leave any student behind.

The changes made to the school’s exterior make it feel more like the great school that it is.

This amazing school is located near the following learning institutions in Dublin, California:

  • Dublin High School
  • Valley High School
  • Eleanor Murray Fallon Middle School
  • Wells Middle School  
  • Cotton Wood Creek School  
  • Amador Elementary School 
  • Dougherty Elementary School 

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