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Top 10 Best Massage Therapists in Dublin, California

We know finding the massage therapists in Dublin, California can be difficult, so we put together this detailed list of the best of the best so you can make your decision wisely.  Each massage therapist business offers various types of services that will help clients relieve muscle pain, rehabilitate sports injuries, reduce stress, increase relaxation, lessen the feeling of anxiety and depression, and aid general wellness. This list of amazing locations is ever-changing and expanding, so please check back often. If you find another location that should be listed here – or one that should be removed – please let us know!

1.    MedicinEvolution | 6400 Village Pkwy Suite 101 Dublin, CA 94568

About:  MedicinEvolution believes that your body is a metaphor and guide that speaks to you in a language that is constantly reminding you about your relationship with it, and to the people and world around you. This deeper understanding provides you a powerful mechanism for self-healing and developing more wholesome relationships with others. Structural Integration was introduced to Chris Corrales who founded MedicinEvolution. A hip injury, symptoms of a sprained knee, constant low back pain, neck pain, and his asthma have all been dramatically changed after only a few sessions. Structural Integration outcomes were radically different from other bodywork styles that he had encountered, and this time the improvements were measurable and permanent. This life-altering experience became his focus and passion.

Services/Amenities:  Free 15-minute phone consultation, you can start with 1-3 sessions but if you wish to continue you can avail the 4-10 massage sessions

Who is a Perfect Patient:  People who are experiencing from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and knee pain, who had experienced car and motorcycle accidents, repetitive stress injury, chronic poor posture and scoliosis, sprains and strains, poor posture, headaches, sports injuries, chronic pain, post-surgery recovery, and those who have scars

2.   Tri-Valley Bodyworks | 6400 Village Pkwy #101, Dublin, CA 94568, USA


 Massage therapist in CaliforniaAbout:  Tri-Valley Bodyworks believes that knowledge is definitely power. The company would guarantee a massage therapy approach that will provide information you need to help you heal yourself.  They will explain what they have learned during the client’s evaluation. Tri-Valley Bodyworks also teach their clients, stretches and exercises so they can continue the healing process at home.

Services/Amenities:  Somatic restoration, neuromuscular therapy, muscle energy therapy, deep tissue therapy, sports therapy, Swedish massage, prenatal Bodywork, myofascial release and health education

Who is a Perfect Patient:  People who are suffering from chronic pain and restricted mobility, having weak shortened muscles and/or  weakened muscles, those who are experiencing a cycle of spasm and pain and lastly those who had a previous accident.

3.    Relax Ave Day Spa | 7776 Dublin Blvd, Dublin, CA 94568, USA

Massage therapist in CaliforniaAbout:  Relax Ave Day Spa opened in July 2011 in downtown Livermore. They opened a second location in August 2014 in Dublin. Each of their massage therapist is a licensed CMT. Relax Ave Day Spa aspires to improve your sense of well being! This amazing and relaxing place will provide a variety of spa treatments that will surely enjoy by their clients or guests. 

Services/Amenities:  Seated chair massage, reflexology therapy, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, prenatal massage, essential oil massage, combination massage, Thai massage therapy and Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy

Who is a Perfect Patient:  People who are experiencing back pain, headaches, shoulder and neck aches, muscle tension, fatigue, and those who have insomnia


4.    SomaWise Muscle Therapy | 5969 Stoneridge Dr #208, Pleasanton, CA 94588, USA

Massage therapist in CaliforniaAbout:  Carolyn Ultisky the founder of SomaWise Muscle Therapy aims to help you heal the pain you are currently experiencing as quickly and effectively as possible and to coach you on the lifestyle changes needed for you to have the pain-free,  vibrant life that you want to have for a long-time. Carolyn is most passionate about the practice in seeing the lifestyle transformations of her clients in becoming pain-free, energized and revitalized from the inside out for the long term, leading to lives that feel completely renewed.

Services/Amenities:  Series of sessions: (60 or 90 minutes for 4 or 12 weeks), sessions will typically include 20-30 minutes of conversation – it may include exercises, stretches; youtube videos, books or referrals to other professionals

Who is a Perfect Patient:  People who wants to break the cycle of recurring body and muscle pain

5.    The Healing Rose | 9260 Alcosta Blvd Ste A-6, San Ramon, CA 94583, USA

 somawisemuscle-therapy-logoAbout:  Rose H. is a certified massage therapist, (CMT), intuitive energy reader, life coach and a meditation teacher with twenty years of experience. She founded The Healing Rose in 2011. 

Services/Amenities:  Holistic treatments – aura healings, aura readings, angel reading, chakra balancing, chakra reading, cross-over readings, meditation workshops, palm readings, raindrop therapy, reiki, and sound healings,  wellness spa treatments – facial, hot stone massage, and therapeutic massage and afternoon tea and mini treatments

Who is a Perfect Patient:  People who want to experience wellness through meditation

6.    Kimberly Matthews Massage | 60 Fenton St #11, Livermore, CA 94550, USA


Massage therapist in CaliforniaAbout:  Kimberly Matthews owner of Kimberly Mathews Massage, have worked as a massage therapist for many years and have also worked with medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and of course other amazing massage therapists. She completed a program at the World School of Massage and Holistic Institute in Pleasanton. Kimberly enjoys the healing power of therapeutic massage. She finds massage therapy so rewarding and passionate to be in an industry where she can support people in becoming more attuned to their body.

Services/Amenities:  Swedish, deep tissue, vibrational healing, hot stone, lymphatic, foot rehabilitation, energetic cranial sacral balancing, reiki and meditation

Who is a Perfect Patient:  People who wants to calm their muscles, relax their nervous system, reduce anxiety attacks and relieve insomnia

7.    RLF Wellness Center | 2276 Camino Ramon, San Ramon, CA 94583, USA


Massage therapist in CaliforniaAbout:  Rachel Frei who started RLF Wellness Center, knew at a young age that she wanted to be a massage therapist to help people live a life without pain. She went to Utah College of Massage Therapy, where she received over 815 hours of training in many eastern and western modalities, including Trigger Point therapy, Prenatal massage, Injury massage and many other modalities which she uses on almost everyday, making every massage tailored specifically for her clients. Rachel is very passionate about massage and aims  to help clients in achieving a healthier, happier and more productive life.

Services/Amenities:  DoTerra AromaTouch Technique, prenatal massage, signature massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and Swedish massage

Who is a Perfect Patient:  People who want to eliminate body or muscle pain, tension and stress

8.    Amador Spa | 7660 Amador Valley Blvd Ste A, Dublin, CA 94568, USA


About:  Amador Spa is under the new management.The business was taken over by last September 2018 by Patrick Zhu which is the new manager of the company. He graduated from UC Irvine majoring in Criminal psychology in 2014. In Amador Spa they believe that their services should be beneficial to everyone.  This may include people suffering from pain to marathon runners and bodybuilders. They do not claim to heal any sickness, but they claim that their services will enhance one’s quality of life.

Services/Amenities:  Swedish massage, acupressure, deep tissue and foot reflexology

Who is a Perfect Patient:  People who want to lessen the feeling of depression and anxiety, reduce spasms and cramping, recover from strenuous workouts, easier labor for expectant mothers, help manage pain, improve flexibility and range of motion.

9.    Lotus Aroma Day Spa | 7000 Village Pkwy Ste E, Dublin, CA 94568, USA


 About:  The mission of Lotus Aroma Day Spa is to provide a warm and comfortable atmosphere for all your relaxation needs. The business emphasizes in delivering sanitary services and making sure that their clients are satisfied with the packages they offer. The Spa is conveniently situated in Dublin’s business district, with parking availability. They offer a wide variety of services including foot reflexology, full body massage, table showers etc. Their staff members are professionals that are certified by the California Massage Therapy Council.

Services/Amenities:  Body massage and foot reflexology

Who is a Perfect Patient:  People who want to relieve stress, feel relaxed and reduce body pain/ tension

10.  Balance and Body Restoration | 7567 Amador Valley Blvd #109, Dublin, CA 94568, USA


Massage therapist in CaliforniaAbout:  Kevin and Thuy started Body and Balance Restoration in 2018 which is their dream they had since they first met each other. To own and manage their own clinic, a complimentary blend of Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy in order to help those belonging in their local community. They share a passion for helping people live naturally and have an active lifestyle by introducing the art of healing to their clients. 

Services/Amenities:  Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point release, hot stone therapy, mother to be massage and office worker massage

Who is a Perfect Patient:  People who are looking for natural solutions to pain or injury, without having to rely on painkillers or risking surgery.

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