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How does Structural Integration bodywork differ from massage?

Massage and bodywork focus on muscles and soft tissues. Bodywork looks and feels different than traditional massage. It has a clear focused intent, to get you feeling and functioning better. These goals are achieved by manipulating soft tissues to affect the body’s physical and energetic structure and balance.

What conditions can be treated with bodywork?

By addressing connective tissues every system of the body is affected. Connective tissues connect one part of the body to all other parts. People come in for particular problems, our philosophy is not to treat any particular problem but to bring the whole body to a better state of balance. When the body comes to balance then spontaneously the body will heal itself. One of the most powerful and most efficient ways to battle problems is to balance the body and in gravity.

Is it painful?

Bodywork itself is not painful. Where tissues are unhealthy, damaged, or injured, yes there may be discomfort or pain until health is restored. Very rarely do I barge through layers of tissue. My method is to approach from the most superficial barriers first. I believe that shocking the system is counter-productive. Each client has different needs and requests, different levels of pain tolerance and goals and these are taken into consideration. Corrales05232014_043

Is it like chiropractic?

Bodywork and chiropractic both affect structure and correct the nervous system. As a bodyworker I specialize in resolving ailments through soft-tissue manipulation and chiropractors specialize in adjusting and normalizing deviated bones.

How old are people who come in for bodywork?

Everyone at every stage of life can benefit from bodywork. I’ve worked on people of all ages from newborns to those on their death bed.

How long are sessions?

Sessions last from 1hr to 1 ½ hours.

Is bodywork covered by insurance?

I do not take insurance directly. Some insurance companies will reimburse clients themselves as long as they are provided with a physician’s prescription and referral along with a letter and a statement of bodywork charges. This means you will need to pay for each session up front. Check with your insurance provider.

How many sessions will I need?

Depending on what is going on a consultation will help determine the best plan of treatment. Anywhere from a 3 to 10 sessions will lay a good foundation for healing. Sometimes ongoing treatments or a short series of sessions at determined intervals are recommended. Come in with an open mind and results will come in time. Schedule a FREE 15-minute Consultation