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The Face is the Place Where We Communicate

MedicinEvolution Bodywork Beyond Massage Massage therapist Dublin, CA

Written by Chris Corrales

August 2, 2018

Are you a smiler or a pouter?

Do you tense your eyebrow?

Do you have contempt or disgust for politics or world news?

Neck and shoulder pain, tension, symptoms, and even migraines, may be coming from what we’re holding in our faces.


What we feel, what we want to express, our relationships, our histories . . . are written on our faces.

And, that can change, naturally.


Stress billboards itself on our faces and some people use invasive treatments to hide it.

Invasive treatments change the physical effects but they don’t transform their internal or external realities so we continue to live unhappy lives, we feel disempowered, and heavy.

A true facelift will not only affect a person’s face, but the entire body physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically.

Lift and lightness are unique characteristics of good manual therapy education.

Lift and lightness are a result of taking ownership of one’s self, and

choosing to transform how one’s histories and habits have negatively affected them.

Lift and lightness creates a new life experience.

We have a dominant eye like we have a dominant hand. This overuse creates imbalances.

When the face is affected then often the scalp, neck and shoulders are affected as well.

Awaken to how you respond to intense life experiences and you can observe on your face and in your body how you subconsciously react.

I used to carry around life’s weight like a backpack, but it wasn’t just that, because I still carry around life’s challenges, but these days my perspective has changed and those hard times have become my life’s lessons.

I derive wisdom from them, and because I’ve shifted these perspectives I have changed what appears on my face.







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