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FCI Dublin

5701 8th St, Dublin, CA 94568

The Dublin Federal Correctional Institution (FCI Dublin) is a low-security federal prison in Dublin, California for female prisoners in the United States. The prison also has an adjacent satellite jail camp which holds female offenders with minimum security.

FCI Dublin is located in the Parks Reserve Forces Training Area, 20 miles southeast of Oakland. It is located near Santa Rita Jail, owned by Alameda County. The education department of the prison provides classes for GED and ESL as well as life skills courses. In addition to instruction in the use of different computer technology, the facility also provides legal and recreational library facilities.

FCI Dublin has two UNICOR services in Federal Prison Industries: the Textiles and the Call Center. Textiles employ around 150 prisoners in the manufacture of custom draperies, parachutes and blankets for disasters. They sort and fix mailbags from USPS as well. The Call Center hires nearly 250 prisoners on applications for directory assistance. It holds prisoners who serve an average five-year sentence. It has a design capacity of 250 inmates but has 1,077 houses as of April 11, 2013. Small quarters, with three inmates sharing a top-level cell and four inmates sharing a bottom-level cell designed to house a single inmate. Due to the small size of the restaurant, food is served in waves.Like most American prisons, FCI Dublin also has a SHU (Security Housing Unit) where any prisoners found to have breached the laws of custody are held under a highly restrictive segregation system. FCI Dublin is surrounded by two separate fences with a distance between them of about 10 feet (3.0 m). Each chain-link fence, measuring 14 feet (4.3 m) high, is reinforced with several razor wire coils (top and bottom) plus electronic sensors to detect escape attempts.

The prison also has an adjacent administrative detention center which holds adult males on holdover and pre-trial status, and a satellite camp that houses adult female prisoners opened in 1990. Several old barracks of the army have been torn down this minimum-security.


This interesting local site is located near the following places of interest in Dublin, California (right down the street from MedicinEvolution – Bodywork Beyond Massage, on Village Pkwy Suite:

  • Interstate 580 
  • Federal Correctional Institution, Dublin 
  • Interstate 680. 
  • Dublin/Pleasanton
  • Alameda County Sheriff’s Office
  • West Dublin/Pleasanton, 
  • The Parks Reserve Forces Training Area (PRFTA), historically known as Camp Parks
  • The California Highway Patrol (CHP) Dublin Office is located off of Gleason Drive. 
  • Santa Rita Jail
  • WHEELS bus service