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Interstate 580

Dublin California


Interstate 580(I-580) is an east-west Interstate Highway in Northern California about 80-mile-long (130 km). I-80’s highly traveled spur track runs from US 101 in San Rafael, San Francisco Bay Area, to I-5 close Tracy, Central Valley. I-580 forma a path between Albany and Oakland with the latter being the location of the MacArthur Maze interchange just east of the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge. offers a link from the Bay Area to the Southern Valley of San Joaquin and Southern California via I-5, as I-5 bypasses the eastern Bay Area.

Following General Douglas MacArthur, a part ofI-580 is called the MacArthur Freeway. Other parts are the John T. Knox Freeway (after a former California State Assemblyman and Speaker Pro Tempore who is presently practicing law at Nossaman LLP), the Eastshore Freeway (after being located at San Francisco Bay), the Arthur H. Breed Jr. Freeway. The William Elton “Brownie” Brown Freeway (after a Tracy resident instrumental in determining the path from Interstate 5 through the San Joaquin Valley), the Sgt. Daniel Sakai Memorial Highway (after the Castro Valley resident and Oakland SWAT officer killed in Oakland police officers ‘ shootings in 2009), and the John P. Miller Memorial Highway. At the intersection with the U.S., the western terminus ofI-580 is about 10 miles south of San Francisco in the town of San Rafael (Marin County). Route 101 (United States 101). Continuous travel from southbound US 101 to eastboundI-580 (via exit 451B) and from westboundI-580 to northbound US 101 is incomplete. Heading east through eastern San Rafael’s light industrial part,I-580 offers access to San Quentin State Prison at the southern tip of the property before entering the Richmond–San Rafael Bridge to cross San Francisco Bay. enters the town of Richmond in the middle of the County of Contra Costa and continues via Richmond to Albany’s Interstate 80. After enteringI-80,I-580 runs in the section known as the Eastshore Freeway for several miles straight south along the eastern coast of San Francisco Bay, then enters the MacArthur Maze. The section between the Hoffman Split and the MacArthur Maze is an erroneous competition, meaning that eastI-580 is signed as westI-80, and vice versa. is known as the MacArthur Freeway from the MacArthur Maze, which goes to Castro Valley through Oakland and San Leandro. There is an interchange with the Warren Freeway (State Route 13) about halfway from the Maze to Castro Valley.

This interesting local site is located near the following places of interest in Dublin, California (right down the street from MedicinEvolution – Bodywork Beyond Massage, on Village Pkwy Suite:

  • Santa Rita Jail
  • Alameda County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Dublin/Pleasanton
  • West Dublin/Pleasanton, 
  • WHEELS bus service
  • Federal Correctional Institution, Dublin 
  • The Parks Reserve Forces Training Area (PRFTA), historically known as Camp Parks
  • Interstate 680
  • The California Highway Patrol (CHP) Dublin Office is located off of Gleason Drive.