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Chris Paul’s Hamstring Injury and What it Means for Golden State

Chris Paul’s injury without an incident doesn’t surprise me because most people are sort of “ticking time bombs.” But, honestly, there’s good news it may not be as catastrophic as it may seem.

For Paul, what I see is that he simply and routinely went into a neurological pattern that has been playing out for years. There was no injury just an intense revisit of that pattern and, bam! Pain!

Here’s a video describing in more detail my perspective that I think will make tonight’s game a wrap for the Golden State Warriors.

In my practice people often show up in excruciating pain or have had symptoms for years even, and all of that can change.

The first thing that could change is our understanding and then our mindset about how to deal with the issue.

When there isn’t an incident the issue is often due to the chronic use of a particular neurological/musculoskeletal pattern. If you think that’s what’s happening to you then you’ll want to begin to break your habits, do things different, even if it’s just a little different.

In the last 50 or so years modern medicine has come up with so many sophisticated tests and scans that we haven’t developed the skill and understanding of listening to our bodies.

The body gives a WHOLE BUNCH of information that can’t be found in scans because scans only take into consideration the physical aspects. That’s helpful when there’s a clear injury as a causation, but in chronic problems, especially where scans are negative, we need to look at the whole person in a life context.

And, mind you, this isn’t only about physical injuries. You might want to take a look at the bigger picture in things such as infertility, work/business/ issues, your relationships, etc.

Our bodies are always giving us messages and communication lots of information. It’s not only about knowing that but also gaining a tool set of soft skills for life.

I hope that’s helpful. If you have questions or need more clarification let me know.

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