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7 Ways to Prepare for Getting a Sports Massage

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Written by Chris Corrales

January 2, 2022

Getting a sports massage is an excellent way to relieve muscle tension and improve flexibility. Massages can also help speed up the recovery process after intense exercise. The most important thing you should do before getting a massage is to prepare your body for it, as well as your mind. Here are 7 ways to get ready:

1. Keep Yourself From Being Dehydrated While Getting A Sports Massage

Drink just enough fluids before and after your massage. Water is best, but you can also drink fruit juices or sports drinks. Make sure you don’t drink too much as this can also cause problems during your massage. Avoid caffeine and alcohol before your massage as these beverages will dehydrate you. Also, avoid eating a heavy meal right before your massage. A light snack an hour or two beforehand is fine.

2. Make Sure To Wear Proper Clothing

Wear loose clothing to your appointment so the therapist has easy access to all areas of your body that need treatment. Shower beforehand if possible, so the therapist doesn’t have to work around lotion or oils on your skin. Let the therapist know about any injuries or medical conditions you have before beginning the massage. This information will help her give you the most effective treatment possible.

3. Let The Therapist Know If You Have Back Issues Or Other Medical Conditions Beforehand

If you have any injuries or medical conditions, it’s important to let the therapist know beforehand. The massage therapist needs to be aware of all your current health concerns so that they can properly prepare for treating you during the session. They might need more time and attention if something is not right with your body; otherwise, their focus will be on helping out an injury instead of also preventing any future damage from occurring.

If back pain is a concern, make sure to wear loose clothing like sweatpants or bring along some comfortable clothes (i.e., yoga pants) since they may get wet after being applied with ice packs depending on what part of the body is getting worked on.

Always ensure that if you have allergies, discuss them with your therapist beforehand while also mentioning what specific areas need extra attention during service. Or ask questions about their technique! Ensure comfortability by bringing along a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

Simply put, the therapist should always ask you before they start or end your session if there’s anything that needs to be addressed at all. This is also where communication comes into play! If something doesn’t feel right, tell them as soon as possible so it can be addressed immediately.

4. Find Out If Your Sports Massage Therapist Is Accredited And Licensed

Well, you want to make sure that they have a clean background and are not going through this for the wrong reasons. The therapist should be certified in CPR too because it’s important to keep up with your health when receiving massage services.

Knowing if the therapist is licensed and accredited ensures their legal ability to work as a masseuse with athletes. These practitioners utilize methods such as tissue release technique (TRT) and myofascial stripping (MS), which help relax muscles while increasing blood flow throughout the body, all helpful components towards prepping for any athletic competition – especially one where endurance is required.

5. Consider How Long A Sports Massage Session Is Going To Take Before Going Through One

Just like any other massage, the time it takes to complete a sports massage will vary depending on the person’s size and condition. However, in general, most sports massages last around an hour.

Arrive early so you can fill out any necessary paperwork and discuss your goals with your therapist. This will help them better customize the session to meet your needs.

A sports massage therapist will need time to prepare for your session by setting up their table, warming the oils or creams they are using on you, and adjusting the room temperature. This is also a good sign that they genuinely care about giving you an authentic treatment experience. 

It’s important not to rush them as this may cause discomfort during the process if too much pressure isn’t applied at once. If it takes a long time just to set everything up then be patient – it’ll surely pay off in the end!

Because it’s not just about relaxing and unwinding after a long week of work. It is also the perfect time to be able to focus on your body, mind, and spirit. You can use this opportunity for self-reflection or simply enjoy the calmness of treating yourself with some TLC before an upcoming competition!

6. Before Getting A Sports Massage, Make Sure Your Bladder Is Empty

The procedure of a sports massage involves the therapist pressing and kneading your muscles in order to release toxins, improve circulation and help you recover from physical activity.

If a person is sitting on a full bladder during this time it could cause discomfort for them because their body weight would rest upon an area that has been pressurized by urine inside the body.

In addition, having empty bowels before getting a sports massage can also prevent any possible embarrassment since there will be no need to have interruptions or breaks in order to use the bathroom.

7. A Sports Massage Should Not Be Mistaken For A Spa Treatment

A sports massage is a performance-enhancing treatment that can be very effective for someone who exercises. A sports massage therapist will use different techniques to help improve the range of motion and flexibility in your muscles, as well as decrease muscle fatigue after exercise or activity.

This treatment also helps break up adhesions and scar tissue between layers of muscle by using friction applied with oil on the skin over specific muscles targeted for release.

It’s not like any kind of traditional spa experience where you may be used to sporting equipment such as lacrosse balls and foam rollers that might make appearances during an appointment!

Sports massage is a great way to recover from strenuous exercise. If you’re planning on getting one, make sure to follow these steps beforehand for the best experience possible! Our team of licensed and experienced therapists can help prepare your body with tips that will give you a better sports massage session. Call us today if you have any questions about how we work. We want our customers to feel fully prepared before they step foot in our studio so they get the most out of their time here!

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