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What Are The Main Benefits Of Rolfing?


In our ‘story,’ we all talk about. Our patterns of attitude and action have evolved over time from repetitive movements, biology, values, traumas, and emotions retained. These patterns have been of service to us. Over time though, these habits can lead to pain, strain, and misalignment.

Alignment is vital to us all, but perhaps even more important to those of us who care for our wellbeing and regularly work out.


If your body is not in perfect balance and you work out regularly, you contribute more to out of sync in your body. This will result in injuries and decreased athletic performance over time.

Let’s say your pelvis is “off”,for example. The pelvis’ left side is higher, and the pelvis right side is pushed forward. This is a common issue which I see in many of the clients with whom I work. Your pelvis plays a fundamental role in allowing your legs to move and track correctly, as well as enabling your back, chest, rib cage, and shoulders to have a stable base to support.

If your pelvic is in the pattern above, overtime is not unlikely to cause pain in your right knee or pain in your left lower back.

Your body needs to be moving with balance to feel your best and achieve optimum health. Muscles, bones, and organs that move with each other in a proper relationship create real strength-the kind that naturally feels good and strong.

Injuries and ingrained behaviors can interfere with your body’s natural balance, and keep you from moving freely. Pain and pressure are the way that your body tells you it’s out of control.

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    Rolfing Structural Integration focuses on the intricate structure of connective tissue in the body, the fascia, in a way that brings all parts of the body into smoother, more functional relationships. This is achieved by manipulating the fascial tissue (connective tissue) of the body and reeducating with the individual and their knowledge of the body.

    Rolfing is a pioneer of incorporating the entire system–an approach that sets it apart from other forms of bodywork or manual therapies. Most people experience Rolfing for the first time through a given series of 10 sessions, each lasting about 75 minutes, each building upon the last.

    To experience Rolfing you don’t have to go through the whole 10-series. Even from just 1 session you’ll get profit. There is a suitable Rolfing route for each person and different techniques will be personalized for you.

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