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Type of Massage

Aquatic bodywork


Watsu is the first water bodywork shape in the world. It can be used individually or communicated with relatives and buddies like massage. Warm waters and unconditional support and treatment of the entire family generate room for the person in our hands to reach all levels of the environment. The adjustment of the Watsu shape and free flow to each one involves our entire being. Hot water is enjoyable for most individuals in and of itself. The water generates more liberty of movement when extending your bones and shifting your joints through their spectrum of motion by reducing the impacts of gravity and separating the weight from your joints. Your vertebrae in specific can migrate in forms that do not travel on soil. in the water.

Deep relief and enhanced movement are common for people after a meeting. Water exercise benefits include relieving pressure, decreasing knee discomfort, soothing stiff joints, and alleviating multiple circumstances, including sleeplessness and anxiety illnesses. The exercise counselor tells you before the beginning of your workout about your requirements, your physical situation and all the problems that may influence your massages response, for example the apprehension of dying. For a Watsu massage, the therapist can add bubbles to your wrists or shoulders and join the bath in a dress. Your therapist utilizes one strap to assist his or her legs and another hand to promote his or her trunk and to literally cram his or her flesh. The therapist extends and presses your bones, holding your head above water, even if you often have your eyes submerged during the massage. Details differ for other types of water massage. For instance, massage methods can be applied other than acupressure in other waterways, some designs bring you submerged entirely and in relation to knee floaters, some designs include floating equipment.

Imagine you flying and supporting yourself in the water, stretching and moving around with habits that resort to the flow of a peaceful stream of mountains and to the spiraling ebb of the ocean. This is waterworks. That’s waterworks. Aquatic bodywork is a hot water massage (34 celsius) combining soft fluid motions, straining, acupressure, joint activation, both at the ground WATSU and under water dancing. The boom of the water carries off the body’s weight, making it impossible to move on the ground.  A workout will start with a stage in which you settle and deepen and float normally on the ground of the water, where your corpse is only held by Manuela. In a smooth and effortless manner Manuela will extend you up, massage, stack, sweep and pull you. The energetic job alternates harmonious creative motions.

Water bodywork is a massage of hot water (34 celsiuses), which combines the movement of soft fluids, strain, acupressure, joint activation, both on the soil of the WATSU and underwater. The water bubble takes away the weight of the body and prevents it from moving on the earth. An exercise will begin with a point where you usually sit down, deepen and glide down in the ocean, where Manuela holds only your body. Manuela will spread you up, bath, pile, fold and lift you in a soft and effortless way. The vigorous work alternates harmonious artistic movements.
AQUATIC BODYWORK is a great tool to avoid stress every day. It provides useful assistance for sleeping disease, burnout, mobbing and other pathogens. Beneficiaries enjoy this time of abandonment, enjoyment and regular discharge. Some may be weary of therapies or “overtreatment” without needing to clarify their experiences later and are pleased to allow nonverbal speech. You enjoy closing your ears, letting go, giving in to enjoyment, relief and recharging your battery. An additional treatment for personal growth may also be AQUATIC BODYWORK. Many individuals lack confidence, praise, serenity and inner peace because of their past. In teenage children, who already suffer from these diseases, addictions, anxieties and obsessions appear to grow into adolescents. It can be hard for these individuals to let go of command. Lending goes soft and trust rises from meeting to meeting in a pleasantly hot water. Physical exercise induces peace of mind. Spiritual relief occurs when this stage is achieved. AQUATIC BODYWORK is the perfect way of harmonizing the mind, nature and heart.