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Wells Middle School

6800 Penn Dr, Dublin, CA 94568, United States


Wells Middle School, located in Dublin, California, provides educational and enrichment opportunities to more than 700 students in grades 6 through 8. This offers a variety of athletic sports, including basketball, volleyball, football, tennis, cross country, softball, soccer, and track and field. 

The school operates through numerous departments including nutrition for children, educational services, human resources, maintenance, programs for students, health care, and technology programs. It provides a comprehensive education in a range of subject areas including special education, art, music, writing, math, science, social sciences, literacy, life skills and physical activity.

The Dublin Unified School District runs Wells High School, which also runs five primary schools, two middle schools and two high schools.

Wells Middle School is a highly-rated, public school located in Dublin, CA. It has 1,029 grade, 6-8 students, with a 22-1 student-teacher ratio. 52 percent of students are at least proficient in mathematics and 61 percent in reading, according to state test scores.

Wells Middle School’s goal is to have a learning environment that promotes integrity, achievement, success, empathy and tolerance. All pupils, families and educators will have a healthy school atmosphere in which to learn, teach, and interact. The School is dedicated to the whole child’s growth. Our character within matters more than our appearance outward. Owning a good positive work ethic and personal integrity is essential to the ongoing growth of every member of the Wells community. We are a culture that cares about each member of our family contributing to our values.

Students at this school allow an average academic progress from one grade to the next relative to students at other state schools. The school has an outstanding music department and is well structured. There are electives and they introduced the gateway to elective technology this year.  

Math teacher has a special arrangement where if you feel your child’s homework takes longer than half an hour to let her know so that she can either concentrate more on him or her or minimize homework per unique need. Good interactions with teachers and parents, giving kids enough homework and maintaining overall success. Impressive registration and guidance process, it is very smooth and helpful for the people around them. The teachers and the management are very open. 

In 2017, Wells Middle School has been named the National Character School for the year. Wells was California’s first school to receive the honor from, a national nonprofit that validates character programs in schools and communities throughout the U.S. They are the first school to gain that recognition in the Dublin Unified School District. It honored 83 schools and 4 school districts from 21 states.

Wells won State Recognition in 2010 and 2012 and 2017 as a California School of Character. Wells was regarded by the National Character Education Alliance as a school with Promising Practices in 2011. Wells was also recognized by the state Department of Education as a 2017 California Gold Ribbon School earlier this month.

The schools’ character education “quest” has been grounded in growth and change over the last two decades, representing the growth and change of the district as a whole. Proactive steps have been taken by the school system to ensure that the Character Education curriculum is comprehensive, remains important, and includes the primary stakeholder group: the students. Wells’ Character Building initiative, Catching Kids Hearts, Honesty in Motion, and Student Body are the three important tools that the school uses.

This amazing school is located near the following learning institutions in Dublin, California:

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  • Valley High School
  • Eleanor Murray Fallon Middle School
  • Cotton Wood Creek School  
  • Amador Elementary School 
  • Dougherty Elementary School 
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