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Ken Mercer Sports Park

5800 Parkside Dr, Pleasanton, CA 94588, United States

The economic benefits of new parks and recreation projects are very important, especially when deciding whether to build a new facility in the community. But there are many other positive ways that parks and recreation projects can have an impact on your community. Physical activity is a major fighter against the obesity epidemic. Whether it’s active recreational activities such as athletic leagues, fitness and dance programs, trails and active amenities such as playgrounds and pools, our parks provide natural locations for organized physical activities, as well as unstructured spaces that openly or subtly encourage physical activity. Providing adequate park infrastructure is a key component of the Parks and Recreation Department’s ability to improve the physical fitness of the community.

Physical Benefits

A park will encourage more physical activity in your community, reduce health and obesity for many community members. By providing a well-maintained green space in a convenient location, people will be more inspired to use the park for healthy activities, such as running, walking, playing sports, and being more physically active in general. 

This can be enhanced by providing additional space for activities, such as tennis courts, basketball courts and baseball courts. Establishing programs around your sports assets, such as recreation leagues, will make your park more valuable to the community. In addition, leagues generate income for the city and boost the local economy.

A park is a great resource for community members to take part in their own group activities, such as running clubs or weekly yoga classes. People love to enrich their lives in these ways, so providing a local park goes a long way towards improving community health and wellness.

Mental Health Benefits

Although the physical health benefits of parks and recreation facilities are clear, there are also many mental health benefits that should not be overlooked. Studies have shown that spending time out in a green space can greatly improve psychological well-being. Interacting and engaging with nature can reduce stress, improve mood, increase creativity, and more. Plus, parks provide a socializing area that also improves mental health. 

The combination of mental and physical health benefits for your community members can have a positive impact on their lives in many ways. Not only will they feel better and healthier, but their medical and insurance costs may be lower because of their healthier lifestyle. As you can see, the benefits of the community are far-reaching.

This amazing park is located near the following parks in Pleasanton, California:

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  • Ken Mercer Sports Park
  • Amador Community Park
  • Val Vista Community Park 
  • Creekside Community Park
  • Alviso Adobe Community Park
  • Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park
  • Cubby’s Dog Park and Marilyn Murphy Kane Trail
  • Pleasanton Tennis and Community Park

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