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The 5 Best Massages For Runners

Do you know that runner’s high you get after a good, hard run? The one where you feel like your feet can’t touch the ground and you’re floating on air all the way to your car? Do you know what feels even better than that? A massage. But not just any old massage. We’re talking about specific massages for runners. These five different types of massages will leave your muscles feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle whatever comes next in life. And they’ll also help prevent common running injuries before they happen, so it’s a win-win! Ready to find out more about these five best massages for runners?

For runners, massage is often a part of their conditioning and recovery regimen. However, with so many options to choose from which form is best? The answer will depend on your needs whether you are preparing for an event or simply like the adrenaline rush that running can provide!

Massage has become more popular in recent years as people have found ways to recover after intense workouts. But not all forms work well depending on when they’re used and what objectives one might be working towards while out there exercising! Massages can either help reduce muscle tension before exercise by loosening up muscles through long strokes or deep pressure techniques meant to encourage blood flow; meanwhile post-exercise massages may target trigger points (areas where nerves converge) that result from repetitive motions.

There are many different massage techniques, but here is a quick overview of the five best massages for runners:

1. Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage focuses on muscles by using slow strokes to apply pressure to deeply tense areas in order to break up scar tissue that builds up from repetitive movements. It’s often recommended after an intense run or workout because it loosens muscle tightness which contributes to common running injuries like shin splints and so much more!

2. Sports Massage Therapy

This is great for people who may not want long-term benefits from their massages as they focus mainly on muscle spasms, joint mobility, and a reduction in pain. Sports massage is often used before an event or workout as it helps to loosen tight muscles that can contribute to injuries like shin splints and plantar fasciitis- common running injuries for runners!

3. Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a softer, less focused method aimed at relieving generalized tension. It uses long, flowing strokes of changing pressure to

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help you relax and reenergize by releasing muscular tension and increasing blood flow. Swedish massages are popular because they focus on the entirety of your body instead of just one area; this means that it’s easier for them to work out knots in areas like the back or neck where other types may not be able to reach with ease!

4. Active Release Therapy

A.R.T stands for Active Release Technique, the latest and greatest in massage therapy methods that use a mixture of varying pressure intensities to help alleviate any muscular adhesion or scar tissue development. The therapist will assess soft tissue stiffness, texture, and mobility before working with their hands aided by movement towards alleviating these problems if they are eased at all during this examination stage!

To help with shin splints, your doctor may recommend massage therapy. Massage enhances the body’s natural capacity to heal and can be used to treat problems like hamstring injuries or plantar fasciitis. With a few simple steps, you could relieve pain from these conditions!

5. Transverse Friction Massage

A massage therapist can educate the runner on how to do cross friction massage at home, which involves applying targeted deep pressure for brief periods of time. This type of treatment is ideal for areas with poor blood circulation such as ligaments and tendons, like in an ankle or knee sprain or even after a surgical procedure to help minimize scarring on the skin’s surface.

It’s proven that a good massage can help alleviate aches and pains, promote relaxation, increase circulation in the muscles, reduce inflammation from lactic acid buildup. We recommend trying out all five of these techniques to find your favorite so you can be healthy and happy!

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