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The Benefits of Structural Integration

The structural integration method is an one-on-one and personal process with a variety of impacts and advantages. In particular, the aligned and gravitationally balanced body moves more easily, more fluidly, and more efficiently. Movement is a joy, breathing easier is a pleasure, and excellent posture is a treat.

The more effective use of your muscles also enables your body to conserve energy and to develop better and more cost-effective motion patterns. This can lead to enhanced energy and vigilance. Stress feelings will also be reduced while your relaxation level can be increased, which will improve overall productivity in your daily life. 

Structural integration seeks, through changing the physical structure, to influence the entire individual, mentally, physically and energetically. For example, our feelings and behavioral patterns are often linked to our physical being. With obstacles to equilibrium removed and the body aligned, elements of the self may also be more aligned. A structural integration experience can assist to unlock the potential of an individual, encourage beneficial change, lessen anxiety, improve sleep, build trust and mature emotional expression. Finally, the Structural Integration series gives you greater consciousness and presence to lastly feel at home in your own body. 

In a steady field of gravity we develop, move, and alter our bodies; precious resources are lost when we inefficiently oppose gravity. We must adapt how we move and stand up to physical wounds, trauma and stress of daily life. These adaptive patterns can grow to the point that essential movements, such as seating, breathing and walking, are more difficult than needed, although they are still long after they have completed their protective and adaptive functions. Such extended effort can lead to sensations of rigidity, pain, tiredness and absence of vitality.

Structural integration can assist us learn to “let go” chronic stress and tension, to stop combating weight and to assist us. Moving is a joy, breathing is simpler, and “healthy posture” is simpler. We feel comfortable, efficient and graceful. Various SI customers are on their manner to pain relief and discomfort. While this describes certain overall advantages, the IS method is personal, with a variety of impacts and advantages. 

Structural integration is a personal journey which, though very physically, creates overall well-being and balance.  During the entire process many benefits come, some of which are subtle, others more dramatic, physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, etc.  Thanks to this personal journey, many customers report being larger and more lean, which leads to an inner and outer appearance of better digestion, an increased sense of self, greater energy, better balance and flexibility. This allows them to perform to the best of their capabilities in their daily lives. Not only does structural integration help them physically, the knowledge that they are doing their best on the physical front allows them to become loser mentally, taking that weight off of their shoulders. Helping people achieve what they want to do to their highest capabilities is what matters, and it is becoming more and more clear that there is a strict correlation between the mind and the body. Now more than ever, it is important to take care of oneself physically, in order to function mentally.