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Muirwood Community Park

4701 Muirwood Dr Pleasanton, CA 94566


Muirwood Community Dog Park is located in Pleasanton, California, on the 13.9-acre Muirwood Community Park site. This pristinely clean park facility earns visitors high marks due to its attention to detail and well-shaded grounds that provide relief from daytime sun. There are two fenced play areas on the acreage for the use of all dogs that have been planned with off-leash play in mind.  One of the two enclosures was explicitly reserved for use by small, elderly or shy dogs who would benefit from a more suitable style of play for their size, temperament and age. While both dog playground areas are considered off-leash areas, ensuring that they have a lead with them at all times is important for all owners.  

Muirwood Community Dog Park is free of charge and an open to the public park. The dog runs lined with wood chips in this lovely park space. There are plenty of comfortable seating as well as poop bags in the runs for the convenience of all owners. Property owners have to clean up after their dogs as an act of responsible dog ownership.  This helps ensure that all visitors to Muirwood Community Dog Park remain clean and attractive. Although the availability of water on the premises is unknown, the nearby family-friendly Muirwood Community Park has several bathrooms on its premises that are intended for public use. Here, owners can get water to help stay cool and clean their pets.  Muirwood Community Park is home to many attractions that will surely attract the entire family.The facilities on-site include a walking track, basketball and tennis courts, swing playgrounds, and barbecues available for public use. There are no expectations placed upon visitors to Muirwood Community Dog Park. However, to prevent diseases from entering the grounds, it is best for your dog to be up to date on all pertinent vaccinations. A city dog license is also suggested. For a great day in California sun, plan a trip to Muirwood Community Dog Park! 

This is one of the favorite parks in the east bay. What most people love  about this park is how shaded and clean it is. There is ample parking and the bathrooms are decent enough (No soap but it’s okay, just bring your own). The kids can get all their energy out on the playground or running on the massive lawns. You’ll surely have a good time here.

This amazing park is located near the following parks in Pleasanton, California:

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  • West Dublin/Pleasanton BART station
  • Dublin/Pleasanton (BART station)
  • Pleasanton Public Library
  • Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park
  • Shadow Cliffs Lake
  • Muirwood Community Park
  • Pleasanton’s Museum on Main

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