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How to Prepare For Your First Full Body Massage

Written by MagMedEd

December 21, 2022

Have you ever scheduled a massage and then wondered what the heck you were supposed to do? A little pre-massage prep can make your experience even more relaxing.

Here are some tips on how to get ready for your first full body massage. Trust us, your muscles will thank you!

  • To get things started, call ahead and make an appointment for a massage. Make sure that you give yourself enough time to get ready before the massage so that you can feel at ease and concentrate on the experience. You should provide the masseuse with all of the pertinent information they require, such as any specific regions that require additional attention, any medical concerns you have, the type of pressure you enjoy, and so on.
  • Prepare to relax before beginning your massage. Dress in oversized, comfortable clothing that is simple to take off and put back on after the event is finished. To ensure that you have the most comfortable experience possible during the massage, try to avoid wearing anything that has buttons or straps that are too tight.
  • Make sure you’ve had something to eat before your massage; this will help you relax and give you more energy for the session itself. However, you should try to avoid eating a large meal immediately before the massage because doing so may cause you to feel weary or uncomfortable during the massage itself.
  • Put together a soothing ambiance in whichever room you decide to use for your massage by turning down the lights, playing some soothing music, and diffusing a pleasant fragrance into the air. This will go a long way toward making your massage a truly relaxing experience.
  • If you can, give yourself a quick shower or bath before your massage. This will not only assist you to feel more refreshed, but it will also remove any excess oils from your skin that might get in the way of the masseuse or masseur’s ability to perform their magic.
  • Maintain open and honest communication with your masseuse; tell them if there are any specific places that require additional attention or if there are certain movements that make you uncomfortable so that they may adapt the massage in accordance with your preferences. It is essential to have faith in your hunches and to never be afraid to speak out when something doesn’t sit quite right with you!
  • Be aware of the amount of pressure that is being given during the massage; an excessive amount of pressure can result in discomfort rather than relaxation; in the event that this happens, make sure to communicate any concerns right away. Your masseuse will gladly modify the pressure, strokes, and techniques used throughout the massage in accordance with your preferences.
  • Take several deep breaths during each stage of the massage – this helps restore oxygen levels in your body as well as allow tension or stress from each part of your body to slowly dissipate away into nothingness!  This is especially helpful for those who tend to tense up when touched & might even lead them down a path towards inner peace & blissful relaxation! 
  • Stay hydrated after the treatment – drinking plenty of water after getting a full body massage helps flush away toxins from muscles which were released during the session; making those muscles feel lighter & more refreshed in no time at all!   It also helps replenish electrolytes lost through sweat & physical activity, whilst speeding up recovery time following exercise-related injuries too!  
  • Get plenty of rest afterwards – just like our bodies need sleep in order to heal & repair itself after an intense workout, our muscles need rest too after getting massaged; allowing them time & space to recuperate & regenerate properly over time without feeling strained or sore come morning time!

If you’ve never had a professional massage before, it can be hard to know what to expect or how to prepare. But a little pre-massage prep can make your experience even more relaxing. The next time you schedule a full body massage, try following these tips: avoid eating a big meal beforehand, drink plenty of water, and choose comfortable clothing. With just a little bit of planning ahead, you can ensure that your first massage is truly an enjoyable and revitalizing experience.

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