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Hidden Hills Elementary

Written by Chris Corrales

September 27, 2021

12995 Harcourt Way, San Ramon, CA 94582


Hidden Hills Elementary School is the second developer-built school in the Dougherty Valley of San Ramon and opened its doors in 2004. The school is located near a rapidly growing residential community that primarily consists of single-family dwellings.

A school that offers an academic program for all levels of student abilities. They also have 39 full-time and 13 part-time teachers to provide the education in self-contained classrooms with 942 kindergartens through grade 5 students who come from low-income families as determined by free or reduced lunch count.


School’s Mission and Vision

School’s Motto

Students at Hidden Hills Elementary are taught to have respect for themselves and others, be kind to their peers while still being safe. They’re encouraged to make wise choices that will benefit not only them but those around them as well!

School’s Vision

The vision of Hidden Hills is to provide an exceptional elementary school for students and staff, while also being the best neighborhood in which they can grow up.

School’s Mission Statement

Hidden Hills Elementary is committed to providing safe and positive environments for everyone in the community. They want every child, staff member, student parent, or guardian who visits the school to have a memorable experience where they are excited about learning at HHE. ABC’s of Hidden Hills: 

  • Promote an active environment focused on promoting each other’s success academically, artistically & athletically
  • Build pride by establishing enthusiasm which will lead people towards achieving goals individually 
  • Cultivate communities involving families +staff members

Award for Excellence

The school has been awarded California Gold Ribbon Schools, which are schools that offer high levels of academic achievement as well as many extracurricular activities to boost student’s creativity or self-esteem.

 A National Blue Ribbon Award in 2020 that is given only once every two years by the U.S Department Of Education recognizing excellence among public elementary schools nationwide. Six consecutive grade level championships from K through 5. 

  • Hidden Hills Elementary School is one of the most awarded schools in California
  • Gold Ribbon and Blue Ribbons Award for Excellence
  • Established eight years ago with pre-kindergarten through fifth grade classes 
  • Excellent teaching staff that prepares your child for success

One of the best public schools

Hidden Hills continues to be a top-notch school in the district and county. The teachers are of high caliber, which is why it’s so easy to learn at this institution since they’re able to teach with patience while also keeping up with current trends through their varied curriculum options. It does have one thing for everyone here; parents love going out into public because it feels like any other place instead.

Parent Involvement

At Hidden Hills Elementary, the school is fortunate to have strong community support through its Parent Teachers Association (PTA). The PTA provides parent education and legislative information as well as an active corps of volunteers for events such that Family Fun Night or movie night can happen promptly. They also hold fundraisers like charity bingo games where parents can play alongside one another while raising money towards different non-profit charities they care about most!

Curriculum Development

The staff and parents are at the heart of everything, working together to create an excellent educational experience for students. The school’s Site Council is responsible for guiding with their input so that nothing can fall short on how it should be done academically or socially-emotionally. 

The School Site Council is in charge of finding ways to spend the SIP funds and state-funded categorical programs. They do this by directing resources into areas such as staff development, instructional materials, or personnel needed for direct service.

School Facilities

The new facilities of Hidden Hills Elementary include six classroom wings, one portable classroom with a library media center, and a computer lab. It also has two science labs for students to work on their projects in chemistry or biology while they are waiting for lunchtime! There’s another large multipurpose room that can be used as an instructional platform during music classes–and what’s more, it adjoins the childcare building where parents may drop off their kids before getting into school themselves.

The people who work at Hidden Hills Elementary keep the place so clean that you can eat off of every surface, and it’s not just a threat. The school also has beautiful grounds which are maintained by one full-time employee with help from another part-time worker during afternoons or evenings when they’re not busy maintaining other parts of the city.

School Safety

The school has created a Disaster Preparedness Plan to ensure the safety and security of students. Emergency drills are held once a month and evaluated for effectiveness. These drills include procedures to help students understand what they should do if there’s ever an emergency in their school or neighborhood, such as fire or earthquake hazards.

In the event of an emergency, the school is always prepared for an emergency with its earthquake kits. They are stocked up on food, water, and supplies so that the parents can feel at ease about sending their children into another world in which anything could happen. The trailer contains everything from first aid kits to tents.

  • Protect your kids during an emergency
  • Keep your children safe and sound
  • Have peace of mind when they’re in school or at home
  • Walk in prepared with emergency kits
  • Emergency drills are conducted once a month to evaluate effectiveness

As mandated by state law, the school provides, compiled monthly crime information, which includes reporting all cases of suspected child abuse or neglect to law enforcement authorities as well as investigating them if necessary for follow-up on behalf of California’s Department Of Social Services (DSS).

Hidden Hills Elementary is a safe, orderly environment. The staff and parent volunteers keep an eye on the students at all times to make sure they are following district policies as well as basic ethical standards of conduct for human beings in society today.

  • Prevent abuse or neglect on campus
  • Always keeping an eye out for kids
  • Make sure to follow district policies and ethical standards of conduct
  • The staff and parent volunteers ensure children are safe from harm
  • Provides a secure environment for kids to learn
  • Follows district policies and ethical standards

If you live in San Ramon and are looking for a great school, check out Hidden Hills Elementary. This is the second developer-built school in Dougherty Valley of San Ramon that opened its doors to students in 2004. It’s located near a rapidly growing residential community primarily consisting of single-family dwellings.  The school has been awarded Gold Ribbons and Blue Ribbons Award for excellence from both state and national levels. Established eight years ago with prekindergarten through fifth-grade classes, this hidden gem educates your child on how best to prepare them for success. Visit their website today to learn more about all they have to offer at Hidden Hills Elementary!

San Ramon, California is blessed to have some of California’s top elementary schools.  Here’s a short list of some of our favorites:

  • Live Oak Elementary
  • Bollinger Canyon Elementary
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  • Coyote Creek Elementary
  • Quail Run Elementary
  • Neil A. Armstrong Elementary
  • Country Club Elementary
  • Walt Disney Elementary

All of these wonderful schools are located just a short distance from our location, MedicinEvolution – Bodywork Beyond Massage, at 4 Crow Canyon Court, Suite 150!

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