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Do Regular Sports Massages Improve Jiu-jitsu Performance?

Athletes often invest in the latest technology to improve their performance. From heart rate monitors to diet tracking apps, there are tons of products out there that claim to make you a better athlete. But what about massages? Do they work?  The short answer is yes! And not just for relaxation and sore muscles – regular sports massages can actually help your body recover from strenuous activity and even enhance your performance on the mat!

Here are some reasons why it makes you perform better:

 1) Massage therapy improves range of motion, muscle flexibility, and prevents the formation of adhesions. By stretching muscles fibers out properly through massage therapy sessions, both running efficiency and injury prevention are promoted. Additionally, stimulating reflexes within the muscle with transverse strokes helps to keep them loose rather than creating knots that restrict movement in between each fiber. Massage therapists use techniques like transverse stroking to help prevent these kinds of issues from occurring during their clients’ massages or even after they return home for practice or play time afterward.

2) Muscle fatigue is inevitable when a new training schedule is adopted or the intensity of workouts increases. Your body knows that there’s an increased workload and it responds accordingly by producing harmful lactic acid in muscle tissue, which can lead to muscle damage over time if left untreated. Less circulation often results from this because where you have damaged muscles, blood flow decreases as well. This leads to tightness and shortening of these tissues resulting in more pain during exercise sessions.

3) When muscles are stimulated during a run, the body releases toxins into muscle tissue. One of the quickest ways to promote recovery is through massage because it helps remove these toxins from tissues by stimulating blood flow and circulation. This brings fresh nutrients to injured cells while removing the toxic waste at an increased rate, speeding up the healing time for damaged tissues.

Although massage is a great tool, it’s not going to instantly make you better at Jiu-jitsu. You have to be committed and put in the time on the mat as well! Massages can help keep your body loose enough for practice or matches between sessions though, so they are definitely worth investing in if you want an edge over.

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Better Body Performance and Good Rest

Sports massage helps athletes perform better, physically and mentally. They report being more relaxed and less distracted after a session which helps them focus on the task at hand – running. Additionally, they have reported an improved range of motion as well as feeling overall healthier than before their sessions with me!

The benefits of a sports massage are that it leads to relaxation, which can lead to stress-reducing peace. This peacefulness leads not only to lower levels of stress and an energizing sense but also allows for better focus and concentration on major tasks like race day. A relaxed body will sleep both deeply and more frequently than if the muscles were tense or strained; this heals your entire system as you restorative sleep periods.

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