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Can Regular Sports Massages Help A Jiu-jitsu Player?

If you are a Jiu-jitsu player, you know how much of an impact it can have on your body. The constant grappling and pulling can take its toll on not just your muscles but also your joints. Regular sports massage sessions can help alleviate some of the tension in these areas, which will allow for more fluidity in movement. It is recommended that athletes get at least one sports massage per month to keep their bodies healthy and injury-free.

Jiu Jitsu athletes who don’t get a massage are likely to be weaker the next time they train. This is because their muscles break down during BJJ training, and if you want them to grow stronger in future workouts then it’s essential that your body repairs itself after each session.

Skipping out on massages has negative effects for Jiu Jitsu fighters long term since it inhibits muscle growth over time; not getting regular massages will leave you less strong than usual due to wear-and-tear from previous sessions of physical activity.

1) Increasing Blood Flow

You can aid the recovery process with massage after intense workouts or when you’re injured by increasing blood flow. 

Applying a light, steady pressure to sore muscles will increase circulation and help your body heal faster! But this isn’t just limited to post-training sessions; it also speeds up injury rehabilitation because more blood in an area means that tissue damage heals quicker.

2) Massage is a great way to reduce pain, especially if the source of that pain has been chronic.

It increases blood flow and reduces inflammation in muscles, which results in less tightness around inflamed areas as well. This can be helpful for almost anyone who experiences some sort of acute or chronic discomfort from injuries such as sprains or strains, arthritis issues (like osteoarthritis), migraines/headaches etc., muscle cramps due to menstruation cycles/”crampies”, fibromyalgia symptoms (which include but are not limited to widespread musculoskeletal aches & pains) and more! There’s no reason you shouldn’t go get yourself one today…unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

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3) It feels good, and it relaxes you.

Not everything we do has to have a practical utility – some things are for pleasure alone! Massage is one of those nice feelings that does us all good with no other purpose than our enjoyment. 

When this happens during a massage, the body releases endorphins in abundance; these neurotransmitters relieve pain as well as promoting positive moods and decreasing anxiety levels from your daily life stressors; they can also help numb existing aches simultaneously if necessary or desired by an athlete.

Overall Self-care

A massage can help you relax, sleep better and feel healthier. Getting one regularly is an ideal goal but it doesn’t have to be expensive! Self-massage tools like a foam roller or tennis balls are great ways for beginners to start their own at-home massages with no need for professional assistance.

Massaging makes you feel more relaxed in return improving your sleep – there’s nothing quite as good isn’t it? But don’t fret if it does not fit into your budget – self-massage tools such as a foam roller and tennis ball offer similar benefits without the expense while allowing Jiujiteiros everywhere discover how enjoyable these techniques can really be!”

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