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Are Massages Beneficial For Runners?

Running can be a strenuous activity that makes muscles tight and sore. Even runners who are accustomed to the routine may not always have time for stretching or foam rolling after each run. If you need relief, consider adding massage therapy to your weekly routine. This article will go over some benefits of getting a massage as well as how it can help with recovery from running injuries like a runner’s knee and shin splints. 

Sports Massage Reduces Muscle Overuse

Excessive strain on a muscle can result in sore, aching, and inflamed muscles. Sports massage helps prevent the overuse of that specific muscle by easing tension which is one cause for an injury. The body benefits from sports massage because it relieves muscular tension and restores balance within the musculoskeletal system as well as elasticity to ligaments and tendons which have been strained due to increased stress levels.

A massage therapist will know what to do before you ever feel discomfort. They can sense soft tissue differences and address muscular imbalances so that any potential pain or hindrance is prevented before it even starts.

  • Sports massage is a safe and effective way to relax your overworked muscles
  • Ease pain by relaxing tight tendons and ligaments 
  • Massage can reduce contractures, improve range of motion, or reduce blood pressure 
  • Prevent injuries from occurring due to overuse

Sports Massage Fights Peg-Leg

Massages can aid in your recovery from running. If you are feeling peg-legged after a long run, there may be adhesions and scarring between the muscles and fascia causing this discomfort. Running puts stress on our bodies which releases toxins into muscle tissue; a result of joint pain or other complications might arise as well if left untreated for too long! Massage therapy has been shown to help alleviate these symptoms by loosening up tight spots throughout the body. All runners should make time out of their busy daily schedule to have regular massages so they can recover more quickly post-workout.

  • Running releases toxins that can be released through massages 
  • Aids in recovery from running 
  • Loosens up tight spots throughout the body

A sports massage will not only relieve inflammation and stiffness but will also stimulate your immune system to perform at its best. This keeps you from getting terrible flu symptoms after a long run!

Massages Help You Train Better

Massages do more than simply relieve aching muscles. They also assist your workout by rebalancing the musculoskeletal system, allowing you to go harder, better, quicker, and stronger. You may suffer discomfort or tightness in your knees as a runner – one muscle becoming tired due to overuse while another takes over restoring balance but unable to withstand tension that spreads throughout the body preventing it from working at full capacity. It will massage deep into the muscles and loosen them up, breaking down any adhesions that may be causing your pain.

  • Improve your workouts
  • Reduce discomfort and tightness in joints 
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  •  Stretch tight muscles to reduce injury
  • Improve circulation of blood and lymph, which fight inflammation

A massage can help your blood supply reach the tissues and cells it needs to keep them healthy.

Massages are a great way to increase circulation in our body, especially since they stretch out muscles and work on those rigid soft tissue areas that need some relief! The increased blood flow means more nutrients get where they’re needed most–is damaged or tense body parts like the neck, shoulders, or lower back.

Sports Massage Boosts Performance

Many people often overlook mental health as a factor that can impede their running ability. We focus on physical function while ignoring the importance of relaxation and balance in our lives. While a massage is great for your body, it also affects your mind by lowering feelings of tension or worry– making it perfect before you embark upon any big event or tough workout! So next time you’re gearing up for something major- don’t forget to take care of both sides: make sure not just yourself but mentally prepare too. This will ensure that by doing this you will:

  • Improve your mental health and performance
  • Give yourself the extra edge you need for a competition
  • Ensure that what is in your head isn’t holding you back
  • Reduce anxiety before important events or workouts

If you’ve been running for a long time and are looking to get more relief from muscle tension, try adding massage therapy into your weekly routine. It can provide an alternative form of stress relief that is also a great post-workout recovery treatment. This article has discussed some benefits of getting a massage, so if you’re interested in learning more about the service or would like to find out how we can help give you one, contact us today!

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