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5 Everyday Habits That Will Make You Run Faster And Longer

Ever wonder how you can run faster and longer? The answer is in your everyday habits. These five habits won’t take more than a few minutes out of your day, but they will have a big impact on how much you enjoy running!

1. Warm-Up Before a Run and Cool Down After

A warm-up should always be the first thing you do when exercising. It helps to distribute blood flow and get your muscles primed for a workout, as well as increase core body temperature so that it’s easier on your joints than if they were cold and stiff! Warmups can include stretching or light cardio like hiking upstairs or jogging around the block – any activity that warms up muscle fibers is perfect at getting things going before anything more intense happens later in a routine. A cooldown after finishing exercises will help bring down heart rate gradually without causing exhaustion, which means less risk of injury during recovery time afterward too! Stretching helps reduce inflammation by warding off lactic acid build-up from an exercise session; this prevents aches and soreness from running and other workouts.

  • Makes for better workouts
  • Reduces risk of injury 
  • Keeps you warm and flexible 
  • Increases blood flow

2. Take Good Care of Yourself

    Running is hard enough as it is, so if you’re serious about keeping trouble-free for the long haul, then establishing this habit of taking care of your body should be easy. That’s why blisters and cramps are all common side effects of running – but not anymore! When you take time out from your busy schedules to focus on yourself and what makes you feel good inside, you’ll reap a host of benefits including being able to keep up with that intense workout schedule without getting sick or hurt. How exactly do you take care of your body?

    • Stretch before running. Take the time to stretch out your hamstrings and hip flexors by bending forward at the waist or doing a hamstring bridge. Doing so will help prevent injury, improve blood flow, and improve form as you run.
    • Hydrating every day with water throughout the day by drinking enough fluids ensures that running won’t be too hard on your body’s muscles and joints because it helps reduce inflammation in those parts of your body!
    • Eat foods rich in Omega fatty acids like salmon for breakfast to give yourself plenty of fuel for running later on that morning.
    • Practice deep breathing exercises when running: inhale deeply through your nose while counting up from one number per breath and then exhale through your mouth. This will help regulate breathing patterns, increase lung capacity, and soothe aches from running!
    • Clean up after running: make sure to take care of any dirty clothes or sweaty gear before they can cause an odor problem.
    • Take time for yourself by getting enough rest – that means setting a bedtime schedule every night because it’s important not just for running but also for overall well-being as we know the body needs proper amounts of shuteye to be healthy too!
    • Clothing Is Important Too

    3. Do Strength Training

    It is often said that a successful and happy runner goes to the gym regularly. Strength training, without question, has many benefits for runners such as correcting muscular imbalances (thus reducing injury), increasing power or speed which may help you become more efficient in all aspects of your life like the running economy. Improve form by strengthening muscles so they are not weak when called upon during an intense workout session at the gym.

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    4. Work at a Faster Pace

    Speed practice, unsurprisingly, is one of the most effective strategies to increase your speed. This is because it builds muscle memory and sends signals faster so you can move quicker in general. Structured intervals can be performed for this purpose- they have a higher ratio of how much time was spent on high intensity versus low-intensity periods than long stretches with constant movement like sprinting or jogging do.

    5. Sports Massage

    What is the most important reason for runners to have frequent massages? Recovery. You may feel peg-legged after a long run. When your muscles and fascia are so tense, it feels like every movement hurts because of adhesions and scarring between them (the sheath around muscle tissue). Running puts plenty of stress on your body which releases toxins into those tissues, leading to joint pain or discomfort – common in all athletes!

    That’s why regular massage can help with recovery: they relieve tension from sore muscles by stimulating blood flow; increasing circulation delivers oxygenated nutrient-rich plasma containing growth factors specifically designed for repair processes within joints as well as softening scars/adhesions reducing inflammation to surrounding tissues.

    • Improve your recovery and performance
    • Reduce the risk of injury
    • Get rid of muscle soreness from intense workouts or running
    • Receive an instant boost in energy
    • Reduces muscle knots in runners 
    • Provides relief from joint pain and discomfort 
    • Improve your ability to stay active for long periods

    Massage speeds up your healing process by increasing blood circulation and making the tissues more elastic. A massage relieves pressure in tendons, ligaments, fascia, and muscles so you can get back out there faster with less inflammation! Massages also keep flu symptoms at bay because they stimulate our immune system to perform even better than before we got sick.

    • Increase blood circulation
    • Boost your immune system 
    • Speed up healing
    • Increase recovery time and flexibility
    • Prevent asthma and flu 

    Running is a great way to stay in shape, but it’s not always easy. These five habits that will make running more enjoyable for the average person won’t take much time out of your day either. But when those little changes become part of someone’s everyday routine, big things happen- like feeling so good during runs or recovering from workouts faster than ever before. Let our team of experts show you how these small steps can lead to bigger results! If any of this sounds intriguing, contact us today, and let’s get started together.

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