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5 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Sports Massage

Written by Chris Corrales

January 2, 2022

While many people are familiar with the benefits of sports massage, there are still some secrets that many people don’t know about this type of massage. In this article, we will reveal five secrets that you may not have known about sports massage. We hope that after reading this post, you will have a better understanding of what to expect from a sports massage and how it can benefit you. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Time Matters In Sports Massage

In sports massage, time is often a key factor in achieving the desired outcome. Depending on your needs and goals, different amounts of time may be necessary. However, one thing that’s for sure is that sports massage should never last less than 15 minutes – otherwise you won’t get the full benefits! 

Unlike other types of massages which typically last 60 to 90 minutes, sports massage sessions are typically shorter – 30 to 60 minutes. This allows the therapist to focus on the specific areas that need attention and avoid over-taxing the athlete.

2. Sports Massage Improves Athletic Performance

Sports massage can help improve athletic performance by allowing your muscles to have more energy and accelerate recovery time after sports activity. Sports massages are also great for increasing flexibility which is important in sports requiring speed or endurance.

While it’s not required that you get a sports massage prior to working out (although some people find this helpful), there are many benefits of sports massages even if you’re not an avid athlete – anyone who wants increased circulation, relief from muscle pains/tension and assistance with stress reduction may benefit from receiving a sports massage!

Sports massage helps to increase blood flow and circulation, which means more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to muscles during exercise. This can help athletes perform at their best while reducing the risk of injury.

3.Sports Massage Is Not Only For Athletes

Many people think that sports massage is only for athletes, but this is not the case. Anyone who participates in physical activity can benefit from sports massage. Whether you are a professional athlete or just enjoy playing sports on the weekends, sports massage can help improve your performance and prevent injuries.

  • Sports massage therapists are positioned in an area where they can help their clients stay flexible and prevent injuries
  • Sports experts believe that sports massage helps relieve the pain felt after a workout session or game, which could be beneficial to everyday activities too.
  • Sports massages aren’t limited to professional athletes but people who want optimal energy levels should consider it as well. It’s great for giving you more power when performing daily tasks!

4. Sports massage is highly individualized

Different strokes for different folks. A sports massage therapist will tailor each session to the individual’s needs and goals. They may use a variety of techniques including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and others.

It can be adapted to meet the specific needs of each athlete. This makes sports massage a very versatile approach that can be used to help athletes prepare for or recover from events. Whether you’re an elite athlete or just enjoy being active, sports massage can help you perform at your best.

It’s a two-way street.

Sports massage is about more than just sports, it’s important to the therapist as well as the client. It offers physical and emotional benefits that can be life-changing for anyone who experiences sports massage regularly. In fact, sports therapists have been shown to have lower stress levels with higher job satisfaction compared to those in other fields of medicine!

The best kind of sports massages are performed by true experts. A good sports massage therapist will not only know how your body responds to treatment but will also provide you with plenty of education on posture and movement so you may continue improving between treatments. Most importantly they should listen carefully to what you say so they can plan each accordingly.

5. Sports Massages Help Increase Blood Flow

Sports massages have been shown to help increase blood flow and circulation. This is especially helpful for athletes who are looking to improve their performance. Increased blood flow can help deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, which can help them recover faster from a workout or competition.

Additionally, sports massages can also help reduce inflammation in the muscles. This can be beneficial for athletes who are recovering from an injury or want to prevent one from happening. Overall, sports massages provide many benefits that can help athletes perform at their best like the following:

  • Sports massage helps improve circulation and lymphatic drainage. This can help reduce swelling and inflammation after workouts or competitions.
  • Sports massage also helps release toxins from the body, which speeds up healing and recovery time.

Like any other type of preventive medicine, sports massage helps maintain good health by preventing injuries before they happen. Regular sports massage therapy can help improve flexibility, range of motion, circulation, and overall body function – all of which contribute to a healthy, active lifestyle.

One of the best ways to recover from an intense workout is with a sports massage. Sports massages work by improving blood flow, decreasing muscle soreness, and increasing flexibility. A sports massage for athletes includes three phases – warm-up phase, deep tissue or myofascial release phase, and cool-down phase. The most important thing about getting a sports massage is that it’s highly individualized; you can’t just walk in off the street and get one like any other type of service like getting a haircut. Call us today to know more!

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