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5 Common Misconceptions About Active Release Technique (ART)

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Written by Chris Corrales

January 26, 2022

There are many misconceptions about Active Release Technique (ART). Some people think that it is a new treatment, while others believe that it is only used for sports injuries. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 of the most common misconceptions about the Active Release Technique (ART).

What is Active Release Technique (ART)?

Active Release Technique (ART) is a popular massage therapy that is used to treat muscle injuries and pain. However, there are some misconceptions about ART that people often have.  Here are the 5 of the Most Common Misconceptions About Active Release Technique (ART):

Misconception #1: Active Release Technique (ART) is only for athletes

While Active Release Technique (ART) is commonly used by athletes, it can be beneficial for anyone who experiences muscle pain or injury. The therapist will work on specific muscles that are causing you pain to help relieve the tension and discomfort.

Misconception #2: You need a referral from your doctor to see an Active Release Technique (ART) therapist

You do not need a referral from your doctor to see an Active Release Technique (ART) therapist. You can simply call up the therapist and book an appointment.

Misconception #3: Active Release Technique (ART) is a type of massage

Active Release Technique (ART) is not a type of massage. It is a specific technique that uses pressure and releases movements to help relieve tension and pain in the muscles.

Misconception # 4: Active Release Technique (ART) is painful

This depends on the injury and the person being treated. Some people feel minimal pain during an Active Release Technique (ART) treatment, while others may find it somewhat uncomfortable. However, any pain experienced during an ART treatment should be temporary and significantly less than the pain associated with the injury itself. If you experience excessive or ongoing pain during an Active Release Technique (ART) treatment, be sure to let your therapist know.

Misconception #5: The treatments are expensive

The cost of Active Release Technique (ART) treatments can vary depending on the therapist and where you live. Many insurance providers cover the Active Release Technique (ART), and clinics often offer payment plans to make the treatment more affordable. However, it is typically less expensive than other forms of massage therapy. If you are considering the Active Release Technique (ART) for yourself or a loved one, be sure to ask about pricing options. You may be surprised at how affordable the Active Release Technique (ART) can be.

How Active Release Technique (ART) differs from Traditional Massage

The massage approach distinguishes Active Release Technique from traditional massage treatments. A massage therapist removes stress and tension all over the body. A therapist who has been trained in Active Release Technique works with wounded patients, feeling for damaged tissue. Then dealing with it on the spot. At the time of the injury. As a result, the injured muscle or joint recovers and restores more quickly.

  • Restore your body with Active Release Technique
  • Feel the difference of a high-quality massage therapy
  • Better relieve muscle tightness and adhesions
  • Increase range of motion, pain relief, comfort level

Who could benefit from Active Release Technique (ART)?

The treatment approaches used in Active Release Technique (ART) include more than 500 distinct moves, allowing the practitioner to tailor therapy to each patient’s specific requirements. Individuals who might benefit from ART are as follows:

  • Athletes who participate in either recreational or professional sports.
  • Patients with chronic pain who have symptoms that resemble an overuse injury
  • Anyone who has tried but failed to get relief from traditional approaches

Is Active Release Technique (ART) Effective?

According to studies, 70% or more of children treated for transverse myelitis recover fully. This, of course, is contingent on the patient’s participation in rehabilitation and stretching of diseased tissues that caused their breakdown in the first place. For optimum recovery, individuals should shift positions frequently, take “micro-breaks” at work, and alter sporting methods.

Who Should Perform Active Release Technique (ART)?

The certification of the Active Release Technique (ART) is open to health care professionals with a license, such as chiropractors, massage therapists, and physiotherapists. There are over 500 unique Active Release Technique (ART)  procedures that trainees must master before being certified. The upper extremity, lower extremity, and spine have three Active Release Technique (ART)  certifications (each with its own set of protocols) that focus on this part of the body. To stay up to date on discoveries in the technique and keep their skills sharp, health care professionals are required to renew their certification every year.

  • Certified professionals can help you feel better faster
  • Over 500 procedures that must be mastered
  • Upper extremity, lower extremity, and spine certification
  • Targets specific parts of the body

How much does Active Release Technique (ART) Therapy cost?

Although Active Release Technique (ART) is primarily used by chiropractors and physiotherapists, it may be obtained at the same price as a standard session. It’s always a smart idea to inquire about treatment costs before scheduling an appointment, as well as calling your health insurance provider to see whether Active Release Therapy (ART) is covered by your policy.

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