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Your Therapist Isn’t Interested In Helping Your Back Pain

Why Are You Still In Pain? Have you seen a lot of therapists and tried a bunch of therapies but you’re still in pain? You’re not alone. Here’s the problem . . . Therapists treat your pain with the modality that they learned in school. If they're a massage therapist...

Are Imbalances in Your Legs and Hips Contributing to Your Low Back Pain?

Don't Always Treat Pain Where You Feel It Has pain tricked you into thinking that your low back pain can be fixed at the exact place you feel it? You have probably tried to push, pull, stretch, dig, pound or rub your low back pain. If you're like a lot of my clients...

A System For Solving Scoliosis and its Symptoms

Everything is better with systems, even scoliosis. Systems simplify, organize, and prioritize what would otherwise be a myriad of parts and their dynamics. Systems help us go from one place to another. They help us deepen, grow, and evolve. Scoliosis and back pain...

Low Back Pain Ends With This Defensive End

The 3 “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of Low Back Pain     Low Back Pain Ends with this Defensive End   Low back pain is the most common reason for doctor visits and athletes are even more susceptible. Bishop O'Dowd’s 2020 tight end/defensive end, Colton Vardell,...

What’s Counter Movement

  If your body is hurting the problem probably isn't the exercises you do or sports you play the injury you didn't fully recover from throwing out your back reaching for a Kleenex the text neck epidemic slouching over your computer for at least 8 hours a day or...

HIIT Bodyweight Workouts and Counter Movement

If your health and time are important to you I hope you're implementing some sort of HIIT training. That's short for work hard and get hella tired fast, then enjoy the rest of your day. If you haven't heard of HIIT, click here. I'm a martial artist. For us, every...

Don’t Let Scoliosis Stop You

Many people think that Charles Darwin said, evolution belongs to the strongest or fittest, what he really said is, it belongs to the most adaptable. Did you know that some of the greatest athletes of our time, in particular Usain Bolt and Natalie...

So You’re Skeptical . . .

Despite overwhelmingly positive online reviews people are still skeptical of us and that's understandable. We did some research and here were the top three reasons: The degree of pain (Fear)."I've never heard of Rolf Structural Integration." (Known therapy or...

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Chris Corrales, 


Bodywork Beyond Massage

“The true challenge of medicine in our age is to find the level of the disturbance and to treat the issue there. To increase the body’s structure, function, and adaptability is true health. The most powerful tool in this regard is to use gravity as the organizing principle that guides and informs the body in all of its processes.”

Lauren Korsheck

“While attending the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco around 2008 for my Master’s in Somatic Psychology. I remember how hard it was hard to sit, stand, and even fly for long periods of time without pain. Without Structural Integration I’d be living in chronic pain.”

Lauren Korshack LMFT and author of The Mindful Relationship

San Ramon, California
MedicinEvolution Bodywork Beyond Massage Massage therapist Dublin, CA Sports massage therapist Dublin, CA Holistic medicine practitioner Dublin, CA, ROLF practictioner Dublin, CA

“I pinched a nerve in my shoulder that caused great pain to my shoulder/arm.

Ibuprofen and acetaminophen provided only temporary pain relief. A visit to my general practitioner resulted in a cortisone shot; again pain relief, but not a long-term solution.

The program was an interesting experience. Until then, I was basically a person with pretty poor awareness of how my body felt and how everything was interconnected. Going through it helped me understand things better. I’d never realized how ‘tight’ my body had become.”

Keith Young

Livermore, California
MedicinEvolution Bodywork Beyond Massage Massage therapist Dublin, CA Sports massage therapist Dublin, CA Holistic medicine practitioner Dublin, CA, ROLF practictioner Dublin, CA

“Extreme tightness in my hip resulted in pain in the lower portion of my leg and foot. I had brought this issue up to other doctors but they didn’t have any clear solution.

Chris has a quick and keen eye to be able to notice small details in the motion of the body as you move. This level of detail allows him to diagnose where a problem may be coming from and how to resolve it.”

Sonja Cuffe

Pleasanton, California