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What To Do After Rolfing?

  • Walk – Walking is probably the best integrative practice you can do after a session.  The term “strolling” also fits better than just walking. A fun walk with a sense of mindfulness.  A meditation on walking. Give yourself time to see what’s old in your body and what’s new when you walk.  How are your legs feeling? How on earth do your feet feel? Are there any variations between right and left?  How does breathing feel? How are those shoes feeling? Does the clothes fit differently? Look out for the things we talked about in your session.  Practice moving inside your body— all of that.


  • Pay attention to yourself throughout the day – Only let yourself get more aware about your body.  Take a deep breath when you think of it or give yourself a reason to do it.  Scan through your body before waking and going to sleep. Start at your feet and move up to your head just by checking in and being aware of the different parts of your body that you are experiencing.  Try not to criticize, just accept what’s in there.


  • Drink lots of water – Some suggest taking your weight in pounds and dividing it in half.  This is the number of ounces of water you should drink a day.


  • Soak in an Epsom salt bath – While it is lovely to relax in a hot tub, it is the Epsom salt that helps draw the contaminants out of the body through a mechanism called “facilitated diffusion.” So if you feel sore, try it….. They’re going to like it. (Good post-exercise or even cold prevention)


  • Physical Activity – The secret is moderation. When you have one, keep up your daily workout routine, don’t overdo it just because you feel better. Be mindful how your body feels when you are working out. Do you suggest that everything be handled differently? How is it you should change?
  • Journal – Others think journaling about a session and what came up for them is useful.  Images, thoughts, feelings, and ideas are some of the items that could come up during and after a session that people find useful for journaling.  Looking at your dreams and committing them to your diary is also a rich moment. Also, everyday activities that seem to ignite something within you, that seem to increase your awareness level, are good to add to the journal as well.

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