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Happy Clients

Peer Testimonials

Manny A

I have known Chris and seen him on numerous occasions over the course of the last 13 years. What I can say about him is this: Chris is an extremely deep thinker and a soulful, compassionate and caring human being. These qualities alone qualify him as an extremely special and RARE individual who regularly touches me to the CORE with his insights into the challenges that REAL PEOPLE face.

Add to this his ability to touch someone first with his presence, then words, then hands… As a body worker myself, I am in AWE of Chris’ innate healing abilities. Over the course of my life I have reserved the title of MASTER for fewer individuals than I can count on my hands. I utter this word RARELY and with REVERENCE. Chris is a MASTER HEALER.

Three words of advice for anyone who reads this review: GO SEE HIM!

…And yes you may contact me directly if you’d like more insight, examples, etc.

Neal W

I met Chis in a Structural Integration workshop where we got to work on each other. I found Chris’ work to be as good as any I have had, and of late he has been my preferred bodyworker. I always feel wonderful after my sessions and he is a really really nice guy. It is very pleasant to visit with Chris while we work. For anyone who has not tried Dr. Rolf’s method of Structural Integration, you are in for a very pleasant surprise!

Dr. L. said

Looking for a run of the mill, basic massage, where you get naked and have somebody work out some knots for 50 minutes with weird music set to ocean waves in the background?

That is NOT what Chris provides.

This guy is a wizard of knowledge about fascia and it’s manifestation of pain, tightness and dysfunction in the body. His calm demeanor, less is more attitude, and quiet confidence puts you at ease and gives you a feeling that big things are changing in your body. He evaluates… works on you… then reevaluates the changes that have taken place. He’s smart… he’s efficient…and by the time the session is done, you’re a different man (or woman).

He does his best work with men and children. That’s his focus, which I think makes him unique from every other massage therapist I’ve met. I think it’s really cool that he has that focus.

He gets five stars by my book, and I recommend him to my patients. If you’re considering a session of rolfing…. please strongly consider Chris for work.

Dr. L.

Danville, CA

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Client Testimonials

Mark F.

Chris is a healer, I wanted to use a holistic approach to healing my gout symptoms. I have been suffering for over a year with reoccurring flareups in my wrists, knees, ankles, and toes. I completed the ten Rolfing series and have had no flareups
Chris is very insightful and he definitely helped me.

Mark F.
Concord, CA

Yusuf B. said:

I was on the hunt for a rolfer after knee surgery (ACL) and Chris was recommended to me through a friend. His friendly, down-to-earth demeanor was what I expected from a body work professional in SF but eight sessions later not only are we good friends, but I’m a total convert to his form of “unconventional medicine”. For those that have never been “rolfed” before, prepare for a crazy ride – it’s definitely not for the fair hearted. However, after a few sessions you’ll begin to see the world a lot more clearly, as well as gain better posture and a sense of centered-ness that is difficult to describe but very fulfilling. After full ACL reconstruction surgery in Dec I was running 3 miles a day again in April! Getting rolfed was a HUGE part of that! Highly recommended!!!

Richard D said:

I met Chris thru Dan T (poster on here) and was very much intrigued by Chris as he has such a calm demeanor and is so very pleasant to talk to. I originally was going to have my girlfriend attend her first ROLFing session, but fortunately for me, she was a bit trepidatious (she is now into her 4th session of 10) after hearing some of the “pain” associated with ROLFing – am I glad I went. I completed my 10 sesssion program and can honestly say that out of all body work that I have done in my life, this was the most comprehensive and thorough experience I have gone thru. The affects were realized during, after and continue to this day – my body is more responsive on my left side where we discovered I had some serious impediments (the left leg & hip work were especially revealing) – I have recommended to a number of people Chris’ work, and it should not be taken lightly, as he provides a complete program that you have to believe in to get the most out of it – it is worth the time and will aid anyone who chooses to work with Chris.

Morad H said:

After a car accident left me suffering with a pinched nerve for almost a year, I decided to contact Chris through a friend’s suggestion. Chris paid special attention to my pinched nerve all the while performing the rest of the Structural Integration bodywork. After the first four sessions, my pinched nerve and the related pain in my left arm disappeared and I felt a load lift off my shoulders for the simple fact that the sharp pain I endured several times a day was now null.

Chris also concentrated on my left rotator injury and my range of motion improved after each session. Not only did Chris work to heal injuries but he also shared his deep insight and knowledge with the functions and mechanics of the human body. I have learned to be more aware of my body’s movements, learned the relationship between mental and physical health, the importance of breathing right, and overall, how to preserve my physical health.

I’m painless, I walk and stand taller, my posture is 20 times better, I breathe easier, and I’m very appreciative to have been introduced to Chris and the program of Structural Integration.

Mason H. said:

I recently finished ten sessions with Chris. It was my first experience with rolfing and to be honest, I didn’t quite know what to expect. I had a vague notion of wanting to deal with chronic neck and shoulder pain and tension, and maybe improve my posture. Anyone who works on a computer for a living can relate. Well, I got that and then some. Ankles, knees, hip joints, arms, feet, hands, and so on. I had no idea how messed up I was! Chris seems to have a natural ability to detect and target the problem spots. A professional and a gentleman, I recommend Chris highly.

Dan T. said:

Met Chris through my trainer, Sgt E. and am grateful for the introduction. A 40-year old male with a bad hip injury from long-distance running, I was in need of some help. Although Rolfing takes place in a similar setting as say, a massage, it is far more involved and effective in realigning the body and attaining desired potential (e.g., better body functioning, improved posture, balance and larger lung capacity). Chris Corrales has achieved all of these for me and set me on a much better path at a critical time of my life (40!). I initially underwent a “10 Series” (10 sessions) and am now doing a follow up 5 Series. I’d be happy to be a reference for Chris.

Zain E said:

As a personal trainer I see many types of bodies and imbalances. I feel much more prepared when I come across a client that needs help because I have Chris I can refer to. We met by him helping me deal with an old basketball low back problem that would leave me completely useless from time to time. I haven’t had to see Chris regarding my low back since. As an athlete that pushes myself I find it helpful to check in with him for a once over just to stay in balance. His energy is awesome and calming. I have referred some of my clients who also have benefitted from his service. If you know anyone nagging about a body part send them Chris’s way.

Doug Fioranelli (Rise Above Strength) said:

As a fitness professional I understand that performing at an optimum level requires proper training and restoration. Restoration is usually an afterthought and only comes to the forefront when it is late in the game. When I began feeling constantly sore in my hip I looked into several restorations forms; ART, chiropractics, and massage. All of these forms have their merit but only provided temporarily relief. Still searching for something more long-lasting my research led me to rolfing.

After my initial consultation with Chris I realized that this restoration modality might be what I was looking for. Chris spoke with confidence and true passion for his craft which gave me a secure sense in this form of restoration. He explained how misaligned fascia can be responsible for pain throughout the body. Fascia also interacts and works in unison with all of the other muscles in the body, when one area is affected it can cause imbalances in other areas of the body.

Chris talked about how the “Ten Series” treats and re-balances the fascia throughout the entire body which, in turn, restructures the body so it moves in its appropriate patterns. This restructuring leads to a release of the muscle tissues and therefore creating long-term and lasting effects.

It has been about 4 months since I completed my ten series and I could not be happier with the results. Chris’s rolfing series is not an instantaneous, quick fix but he was right about the body slowly restructuring and the effects being long-lasting. My hip pain is nearly gone and my biggest improvement has been in my recovery. There were plenty of days where I had a very difficult time getting out of bed after tough training sessions the day before. Those days seem to be behind me.

I highly recommend rolfing and I highly recommend Chris. You will be hard pressed to find someone else with as much knowledge and passion for his craft. He truly works to help you get your body back to optional functionality.

Bill W. said

For many years I have had lower back pain and stiffness. I have had moderate success with chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage. However, these would only relieve immediate problems and not deal with the underlying imbalances that existed. Once I met Chris and had my first session I knew that rolfing was going to be different.

After only a few more sessions I could already feel the results not only in the way my back felt but my posture, breathing and the way I was moving. I knew that the underlying postural imbalances were beginning to correct themselves.

Once I completed my 10 session package I made, in my opinion, great strides. Since then I have had none of the problems that I had before. I move better not only in regular life but in my martial arts and weight training.

Thank you Chris for all your help.

Erin B said:

I found Chris Corrales and MedicinEvolution through a friend of mine that went to him after a knee surgery he said “this guy is a Rolfer” and I said “what the h#$% is a rolfer”.
I had endured months of pain after twisting my knee playing soccer . By the end of the 10 Rolfing sessions my knee pain was gone and other problems that I had just gotten used to were gone as well, I am also a construction worker in San Francisco with injuries and stresses from that as well as long list of injuries from skateboards and bicycles.
I was using about 800mg of Ibuprofen a day to manage the pain and swelling issues when I finally called him.
On our first meeting he took notes of the issues I was having and past injuries went over my posture and gave a lot of advice on how to correct issues and keep others from arising. He also went over the concepts of Structural Integration with me. I went to him every other week for the first 8 sessions then skipped about a month and a half which is one of the things he tells you not to do when you start (for a good reason). Make sure you follow his advice. You will feel the difference after each session and even during each session.
It has been about a year and a half since finishing my sessions and I have had a couple more knee injuries from work and a hip injury as well sometimes it just takes a phone call to him and he’ll give you advice on stretching and motion awareness that will take care of the problem other times it may be a quick session and it will be taken care of but no matter what he has always fixed the problem. It is really quite amazing, the difference in my posture and my awareness of what’s happening with my body.
I have since recommended many friends and those who went have all had great success.

Randahl Ritchie III said:

I played football from age 11 to age 18. I loved it. I also loved break dancing in high school.  The only problem was they didn’t exactly love me. At least, it didn’t feel that way. Of course that was due to the fact that I was embarking upon those activities at the mercy of severe asthma and nagging injuries. I was always working through pinched nerves in my hips and back. And, in my senior year of high school I was dealt a separated shoulder. I didn’t know my shoulder was separated until years later. The injury had healed by then and it would have been too difficult and too expensive to operate on. The break dancing didn’t help either. I tore my knee while dancing and injured my neck a couple of times. All the doctor’s ever did was joke about how ” they don’t call it ‘break-dancing’ for nothing,” prescribe pills, and had me do movements which in turn, yielded more pain.
Fed up with the ever-so strengthening inhaler and pill prescriptions, I began researching and receiving “alternative” medicine treatments for my ailments. Which, were all great.. But felt temporary.

When I found the Rolfing technique I knew that it was “it” for me. Only problem: I wasn’t able to find someone who knew how to Rolf. So, I stopped looking and stuck to temporary fixes.

Approximately 3 years later, while at a gathering where Chris happened to be, a man began to express his pain from a rib that had healed incorrectly. He said he was trying something but it was lacking in results. I immediately recommended Rolfing to him. At that moment, and to my amazement (as I had no idea that Chris knew that Art of Rolfing), Chris looks at him and says “Yeah, I do Rolfing.” I just looked at him and said: “stop joking.” He was very serious though.

Infact , so serious that he has been my go-to guy for ALL of my Rolfing needs. In  6 and 1/2 years, I have gone through 3-10 series sessions and 5 advance sessions with Chris, my Asthma was COMPLETELY healed (after the 1st 10 series!),  and my other injuries have stopped bothering me. More importantly, through his advanced sessions, Chris has taught/shown me how to become aware within my body as a means of preventing ailments in the future.

I look forward to continual work with Chris and recommend him to/for anyone seeking health and well-being!

All the Best!

Peter Johnson said:

Through Rolfing and Chris’ treatment, I have experienced a new level in health and fitness.  Following the basic tenets for Health of live food, healthy breathing, a directed mind, aerobic power and physical strength the gift of structured support is a blanket in which to keep these all balanced and aligned.  I was able to complete a 62 mile run with more energy than when I began, and I know my balanced aligned was a major contributing factor in my success. Below is my story…

On Saturday May 3rd at 5:40am I Toe-d the front start line of the Miwok 100k right alongside some of Ultra-running’s elite runners (mistake #1)! It felt SO cool to be right next to the front runners of the start of an Ultra-Cup Series Race! THE best ultra-runners in the world and I were about to begin the same race, for those moments waiting in anticipation we were the same. We had the same pace! Perhaps the only thing MORE exciting was the ability to say that later in the race I would actually be passing the lead runners! Of course, they would be travelling in the opposite direction after already making it to the 33mile turn around point well before me!

The race director Tia Boddington yelled GO! ! ! and we did. Much too fast for me, but I gunned it anyway covering the first 5.2 UPHILL miles almost 20minutes ahead of a projected pace that was VERY optimistic for me in the first place. (I normally stay in the back and am the LAST to cross the start line, I begin MOST ultra runs by walking 5-15minutes depending on the distance)

I then proceeded to hit a physical wall in which I was not able to bring my Heart Rate down into a fat-burning zone EVEN THOUGH I slowed terribly to a crawl, a slow walk actually. I labored for almost 6 more hours in mental pain, feeling NO energy, with my HR WAY TOO HIGH, I was passed on the uphill, but sweet little old ladies in walkers! Though I focused on managing my state the entire time, my POWER move was more of a putty move than anything else! I kept my eyes up though, focused on breathing “into the triangle made by my hips and navel.” I know I needed to focus on processes and eventually this would end. NEVER had it taken this long though. . . Had I pushed my luck? Who did I think I was entering a 62 mile Ultra-Cup race with a recently sprained ankle and only 8 days notice? Was I about to receive a 16 1/2 hour long lesson in humility? My running mentor’s voice Stu Mittleman echoed through my ears, “It feels like it will never end……………IT ALWAYS DOES”

THEN……SOMETHING HAPPENED! I changed my shoes and hit a few down hills FINALLY after about 28 miles. Up until that time I had sent a text to my girlfriend that I was way behind schedule, had already devised a strategy for dropping from the race and if I DID continue on I would probably finish VERY late (16.5 hours), if I managed even to stay ahead of the cut offs. Well my body JOLTED into its most efficient pace and my HR just dropped down into its fat burning zone, my energy soared and I began to enjoy the tremendous beauty of the valleys and mountains I ran through. The coastal views afforded by climbing over 10,000 feet are breathtaking. I began to bound fearlessly downhill, my feet were those of a rabbit fitting into the little holes cracks and spaces between rocks and tree roots strewn across the trail. Those that passed me earlier were now the pursued. But I realized it was not about them, it was about me and my ability to persevere, stay positive empowered and not lose sight of a dream. AS I sped by people I heard things like, “wow did you start late?” “great race, you got it” “wow, what are your knees like to be able to go downhill like that?” ALL these comments only stoked the burner inside me that had been lying dormant in slow warm up mode. THE RACE WAS ON!

I got to the 49.5 mile Pantoll aid station to be told I should grab my headlamp for I had only 4 hours of sunlight left with which to cover the remaining 12.5 miles of mountain peaks and valleys that stood between me and my finish. My reply, “I won’t need my lamp, I’m going to outrun the sun!” And I did. I made the final 1.7 mile downhill push to the finish all the while watching the sun slowly setting on the Pacific Ocean on my right!

I ended up finishing this UltraCup race (with only 1 actual day of training since my 50 mile race 4 weeks earlier) in 14hours and 15minutes. Only 15 minutes shy of Western States100 Mile Endurance race qualification! “HOW YA LIKE ME NOW?” (thanks Joseph McClendon) In the span of almost 34 miles I had made up hours of lost time. “Alkalize, energize, focus on the process” WINS AGAIN!

What did I learn? You can outrun tired. Walking isn’t any easier if it’s a compromise (thanks Master Billy Blanks) to the human will to do the work!

Have a Powerfilled day!!!

Peter Johnson
Ultimate Black Belt Test 2005 Graduate
Team Tae Bo Member
BE KIND check out

Solomon S said:

I have known Chris for many years but had never tried out any of his many skills. Then I injured my knee and he offered to do some brief bodywork on me to help me out. WOW! I was blown away. I felt like he had in one abbreviated session addressed some of my body’s deepest tensions and ailments. I had never experienced or even imagined anything like it. Very powerful stuff. I am definitely going to continue and go for the full 10 sessions.

Shehabeddin E. said:

I have the pleasure to say ” I Have Been Rolfed By Chris.” I have known Chris for close to 5 years and heard numerous friends swear by him. I am a fitness consultant and have a history of trauma to my body from: Swimming competitively in H.S., bootcamp and jumping out of planes for the Marine Corps, exercising, surfing, kung fu, and a few car accidents just to name a few. I am also a massage therapist and have had work done on me from many other therapists. I felt good after, however I never felt like I got the help my body needed. They never got deep enough I felt.

I signed up for a 10 series and ” HALLELUJAH.” The first session was amazing. I have never had a massage therapist ever go as deep as Chris and really break up all that scar tissue, also known as fascia. Chris worked on the right side of my body first and I was dumbfounded! I never knew what it felt like to take a breath and feel my body expand in every direction, my right side felt released and unconstricted, and relaxed. My left side, not rolfed yet, felt stiff, my chest felt like it only move forward and back, and there was no movement in my back. He then worked my left side and it felt as great as the right side. With every session afterwards he addressed muscle imbalances that he noted from my movement pattern, bringing my muscles, tendons, and bones back to their original state. I have to be honest now and say the work is painful, but Chris is amazing at seeing what your pain level is at and working with you. I personally wanted Chris to give me as much as he could. My logic, I knew the more pain I felt the more scar tissue would be broken up and the better I would feel later I was right! I would feel worked after but every hour after I would feel better and better. Since I have completed my 10 series I feel more and more of the positive effects, Chris said this would be the case.

I go to Chris now any time I feel I need some adjusting. 3 weeks ago I threw my back out at the gym lifting a workout bench for a client. I had to take the day off and was in bed it was so bad. I went to my massage therapist that evening to get some relief. It was nice but he said he had to take it easy because my back was inflamed. I left feeling a little better but still had a lot of pain. The next day I called Chris. He worked my back hard and deep totally opposite of what my therapist did. Every hour after that session my back got better and better. It was an amazing experience.
I’m in the business of helping people get healthy and transform their bodies. I put them under a lot of strain from weights to cardio and all the other good stuff it takes to transform a body. I recommend all my clients to go see Chris and get Rolfed as a side program to help them realign their bodies and get to their goals faster. The clients that have taken my advice and worked with Chris are firm believers now and swear by him as much as I do.

If you want to feel what it’s like to move in your natural state, and free from all the tension you’ve accumulated throughout your life I highly recommend you signing up ASAP! The word is out and his schedule is already close to full. The price is nothing compared to what you’ll feel like after. I see Chris as many times as he will allow me to. I almost feel like I have a ” Get out of Pain Card” with Chris. I love to give my all and this definitely helps me recover from all the stress I put on my body.

Love you Chris! You Rock!!!!

Shehabeddin…aka..Sgt.E USMC!
Founder of Fitness For The Heart
Smile, Breathe, Love, Live!

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