Healing An Injury Through History

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I want to talk about compression injuries such as falls because they come up from time to time and even though they may be silent (i.e. no bones broken, no internal bleeding, perhaps there isn’t much pain at the beginning). Impact injuries, like an accident or a fall from a height, can wreck internal havoc. Knowing the causation is the first key. If your therapist hasn’t inquired about the causation of your problem let him/her know. In my experience impact injuries are different than most and need special treatment. Motor vehicle accidents can pose a situation where, no matter how much therapy or how many different types of therapy you pursue, the issues never really get resolved. Its not in treating the problem, but in understanding HOW to treat the problem. I treated a victim of a motorcycle accident years ago and got great results, thanks due to a teacher who gave an example of what was for me a simple but very realistic perspective of a fall victim she had treated. I followed suit with my client and I think it made all the difference. Together, my client and I, with imagination and recollection revisited the accident and put it onto paper. We drew out the scene using stick figures. He described flying through the air, the thoughts and feelings that were going through his mind, the light post that he crashed into, what the impact was like, the way his body impacted (what hit first, twists, contractions, etc.). For a Structural Integration practitioner the details here are important. Muscle hold memory, so revisiting the incident brings out clues with which help to unravel deep connective tissue holding patterns. Our sessions were powerful, they were deep, they were thorough, they touched on the various aspects of the moment, they dealt with the body’s twists and distortions, and followed lines of compression, adrenaline and emotion, flying through the air and landing on the ground. The scenario was the key, rewinding it and replaying it was the answer.

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten

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Statistics say that 90% of people who divorce end up remarrying, and 60% of them end up in a second divorce.

While MedicinEvolution isn’t psychotherapy or counseling, it is important to gain deeper insight into your make up and to treat your constitutional disposition. The Center for Disease Control states the 85% of all diseases are caused by emotions. Our relationships are mirrors reflecting idiosyncrasies that are inherited, learned or imposed (i.e. by a trauma).

MedicinEvoltion is a great beginning for addressing causations which in turn can give individuals better success in controlling illness. Removing causations should ALWAYS be foremost on the path to greater health.

I’ve come to believe that when our health is undermined either through illness or injury or some form of trauma the source of those seemingly distant mechanisms are very closely related, they are rooted in the bodymind – the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual unified human complex. Affecting one of these aspects can and often will affect at least one, if not all the others.

I’ve entertained this idea for a long time now. Last week after a rolfing session I felt it in myself. The session focused mainly on lengthening my neck/head/shoulder area as well as a general balance. At the start of the session I was oblivious to the mental and emotional stress that I was holding and focused more on the physical.

The session was excellent and the work continues to hold. My Epiphany was this: Any feelings or stress I was experiencing prior to the session seemed to float away. They tried to return but couldn’t anchor themselves in flesh. Like a summer rain they came and went. Emotions being a root cause of many diseases, MedicinEvolution provides a means of helping prevent, better and relieve health issues holistically.

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